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“We Miss you Anak!” Golden Moments #2 by Golden Haven

Based on a true story, with names changed for privacy purposes

This Golden Moments #2 features the story of a couple named Andres and Divina Santiago have been married for 40 years, and have built a business empire from their conjugal sipag at tiyaga. The couple was driven by their best inspiration; their daughter Kris, for whom they have dedicated their life’s work. Ardent, passionate, and as fervent as her parents, Kris grew up to be a diligent young lady, having qualified for the country’s most prestigious science high school. However, as ironic as it would be, science was not able to save Kris’ life. She passed away to leukemia just days after her last wish; a magical debut for her 18th birthday.

For every single day since then, Andres and Divina visit Kris’ resting place in Golden Haven to reminisce and say their prayers. This has been their habit for the past 20 years, and they plan to do this until their last days on earth.

You may also watch the second story of Golden Moments here. The story features a dedicated teacher and a mother of two who lost her life caused by the virus and her young children misses her so much.

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