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Different Types of Burials

Posted by Golden Haven on December 21, 2021

The manner in which you are buried is a completely personal decision. Many aspects must be considered, including family and religious norms, financial conditions, and personal preferences. You should carefully consider your burial alternatives, as you should with other decisions about your last preparations because the selection you make will be one key manner in which your memory will be preserved. There is no such thing as a right or bad option; simply the best one for both you and your dear ones. For you to have a better understanding, let’s take a look on different types of burials.

Do you wish to be buried in a traditional manner?

Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting?

Is it necessary for your resting location to constantly be dry?

Do you wish to be buried close to your loved ones?

Do you want your loved ones to be able to pay their respects and visit your last resting place?

Do you want your family and friends to be allowed to leave flowers and other decorations at the memorial site?

Is it vital to you that the Burial be environmentally friendly?

What are the most common types of Burial? 

In-ground Burial

Mausoleum burial


Green Burial

In-ground Burial

It reflects the vast majority of conventional burial choices available at cemeteries In-ground Burial can refer to either a traditional casket burial or the Burial of cremated remains and is sometimes known as plots, spaces, or graves. A permanent memorial to the individual(s) at rest within the specified resting place may be placed at in-ground burial sites. Granite, stone, or bronze memorials are all options. Monument burial spaces or sections are in-ground burial choices that allow for upright headstones, monuments, or memorials. Lawn-level or memorial park burial spaces or sections are in-ground burial areas that are limited to flat bronze or granite memorials.

burial grounds of golden haven memorial park

The vast majority of in-ground burial places are intended for single-person burial. Individual in-ground burial chambers for conventional casket burials typically range in size from 8 x 3″ to 10 x 4″ and may fit a 30″ burial vault or outer burial container. Cemeteries may provide bigger sites planned to allow a 32″+ burial vault or outer burial container for larger burial vaults.

Mausoleum Burial

mausoleums in golden haven memorial park

Mausoleum burials provide greater privacy and a sense of nobility. In a mausoleum burial, the deceased is placed within a free-standing structure. A mausoleum is a structure that memorializes departed people while also providing a safe enclosure. When you choose to bury a loved one in a mausoleum, their coffin or vault will never come into touch with the ground since they are in an above-ground building. This also guarantees that the burial place is kept clean and dry, allowing you to visit your loved one regardless of the weather.


A columbarium niche, also known as a cremation niche, is a solitary compartment within the columbarium that stores a person’s cremated ashes.

columbarium of golden haven memorial park

The niche might be an intricate, ornate building or a basic space with shelves. It can take place either inside or outside. The front can be clear glass to show off the urn, or it can be hidden behind a metal door. Cremation niches are often built of marble, granite, or glass and can be for a person or for companions.

Columbarium niches come in a variety of sizes. One conventional size is approximately 9′′ cubed; however, most cemeteries provide a variety of sizes for individuals, couples, and families. In the same columbarium, there may be larger, nicer (and more expensive) niches as well as smaller, simpler (and less expensive) niches. The particular sizes and possibilities will differ depending on the area and design.

Green Burial

Green burial, sometimes known as “natural burial,” does not include the use of embalming fluid, a coffin, or a vault. Alternatively, the bones are buried, enabling them to disintegrate naturally and have less of an influence on the environment. In other circumstances, the body is buried in a simple burial shroud or a biodegradable coffin to shield it from the ground until natural decomposition takes place. Another distinguishing feature of a green burial is the lack of any equipment or machinery used to excavate the graveyard; instead, the gravesite is dug by hand. The only huge obstacle to natural burial is locating cemeteries that allow it.

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