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  • GF Golden Haven Bldg., C5 Extension, Pulanglupa Uno, Global South, Las Piñas City

  • (02) 873.29.22-23 ; (02) 874.41.30

  • (02) 875.25.43

The church is inspired by the architectural elements of the Spanish colonial period.




The Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno Church stands tall along C-5 Extension Road, Pulanglupa, Las Piñas City, Philippines, in honor of the Spanish Augustinian priest who served as parish priest of Las Piñas from 1876 to 1879.


The Villar Foundation has been working closely with various religious organizations and institutions in order to provide focus on the Foundation’s outreach efforts. In 2011, the Villar Foundation embarked on the building of Roman Catholic churches across the Philippines. The construction of places of worship goes hand-in-hand with the other projects of the Villar Foundation that support religious organizations.


Located along the Old Town Las Piñas Historical Corridor, the church is inspired by the architectural elements of the Spanish colonial period. This 700-seater church will be a column-free edifice with a grand adoration chapel, designed by the world-class firm of Architect Claude Edwin Andrews and master-planned by DQA Design and Planning, Inc.





Beneath the Santuario is the San Ezekiel Moreno Columbarium, the first of its kind in Las Piñas. It features 3 galleries, each gallery containing seven (7) thousand columbarium units each. Amounting to twenty-one (21) thousand units in total.


Customers can choose from various walls within the galleries as well as different levels depending on their preference. All columbarium units are able to fit four (4) regular-sized urns.


The columbarium follows the Spanish colonial design of the church and also features similarly designed beams and benches. Within the columbarium is an adoration chapel where visitors can offer prayers for their departed loved ones.



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