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  • 4th Floor Ongtiak Business Center, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

  • 255-6478 ; 254-4674

  • (032) 253.85.69

Golden Haven Cebu is the most beautiful memorial park in the country.

Redefining concepts in the memorial park industry, Golden Haven Park Cebu is a thing of beauty — in fact, true enough, is now the most beautiful memorial park in the country. 


Amidst these inspiring effigies, Golden Haven abounds in lush blossoms and shady trees in an environment inspired by Italian-inspired design. There you can be at peace and find the needed energy to face your day’s responsibilities.


Definitely more than just graves and lawns, Golden Haven introduces several firsts that have earned for itself the respect of the discriminating market which has learned the prime difference between an investment and a wise investment.


Golden Haven’s holistic results would be in full adherence to its tagline along with its attributes to the aesthetics in memorial ties to past revered icons.


This mountaintop sanctuary is only a few minutes ride from the city, so visiting and remembering your departed loved ones need not be a yearly ritual but a habit, something to look forward to every week or even every day as the natural serenity of the place engulfs you.


Breathtaking Features

We maximized the enchanting surroundings and created inventories and amenities that blend in — the Pope John Paul II Memorial Hill, the Garden Plaza, the Imperial Gardens, the Koi Pond, the Butterfly Open-Garden, the Tree Park and many more soon to come.


The Butterfly Open Garden is a unique feature in the memorial park concept. You can feel so pleased with the pretty butterflies flittering about the blooms.





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