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  • GF Golden Haven Bldg., C5 Ext., Pulang Lupa Uno, Las Piñas City

  • (02) 873-2922 to 23

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Haven – a word that brings to mind beautiful landscapes, lush greenery, breathtaking views and serene surroundings, a sanctuary, a refuge.

Established in October 1984, the first Golden Haven Las Piñas is a true testament to the name that it bears, a haven in the truest sense of the word. Set in the famed Las Piñas Historical Corridor, this 15-hectare property mirrors the elegant elements of Spanish architecture and is the first “Themed Memorial Park” in the country. Take a walk along the charming tree-lined streets towards the Butterfly Garden and marvel at the colorful tiny-winged creatures that grace the lovely blossoms day in and day out.


Memorial lots are not only timeless legacies but are also considered practical and profitable investment opportunities. With developments designed to improve, concepts in creating inventories have been redefined to maximize the enchanting surroundings of the Golden Haven Las Piñas.


Golden Haven is much more than a company. It is a field of dreams, a piece of heaven where beauty and serenity abound. It is a sanctuary for those who wish to embrace the memories of the past in quiet dignity and joyful remembrance as they look forward to the day when they will be reunited with the people they hold dear in their hearts. Truly, Golden Haven is much more than a memorial park. It is a celebration of the lives of the dearly departed and an enduring testimony that Haven really is a place on earth.



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