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  • Brgy. St. Niño III, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

  • 0929 795 7113

California Missions: Now on the Rice Capital of the Philippines

San Jose, Nueva Ecija is the latest addition to our series of parks purely dedicated to redefining the concept of memorialization in the Philippines. Famously known as the granary hotspot for our country, we believe that it is high time to bring our farmers something beautiful, something extraordinary.


When they celebrate the memories of their loved ones, we want it to be relaxing yet meaningful, and they deserve that. Golden Haven San Jose features the 21 Spanish Missions scattered all across California.


The designs of these outposts are celebrated up to this day not just for their historical value but their unique architectural schematics as well. Strategically located along San Jose - Umingan Road and a few minutes away from the Maharlika Highway Interchange, our site offers not just an accessible but a memorable resting place for our beloved



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