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  • Brgy. San Felipe, Padre Garcia, Batangas

  • 0917 880 5743

Golden Haven is now in the Cattle Trading Capital of the Philippines, Padre Garcia, Batangas!

On the eastern portion of Batangas Province, bordering the municipality of San Antonio, Quezon lies the town of Padre Garcia, small as is it with a population of roughly 26,000 and land area of approximately 40.93 square kilometers, it has a unique and fascinating history intricately interwoven in its perennial struggle for automy.


Padre Garcia's old name is Lumang Bayan, as it is the former seat of government of the neighboring town of Rosario.


History tells us that the town of Rosario was originally founded and established during the Spanish regime in what is now Pinagbayanan, a coastal barrio of Taysan, Batangas. Its relics, still to be found there, is a vivid and glowing testimonial to the godliness, industry and perseverance of our forbears.


Padre Garcia is a town where you can actually breathe in the essence of the people’s living. It’s not meant to disparage or anything but the common sighof cow wastes on the streets tells any visitors that livestock rules supreme in this town. A brief side trip to Padre Garcia enabled me to look closer at its lay-out and at any remaining structures from the past.





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