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Golden Haven amidst the Pandemic — A message from our COO

Posted by Golden Haven on November 23, 2020

The year is 2020, and we have found ourselves at the advent of a world crisis. If this year may be described as anything, it is a clear testament that despite the advancement of the human mind, and the sophistication of human engineering, nature will have its way of reminding humanity of its mortality.

Friends and colleagues, we, at the deathcare industry, have stood witness, front and center, as the epidemic unfolded and took with it its unfortunate casualties. The experience would have been nerve-wracking for most, but I am proud to commend everyone in Golden Haven for putting up the best fight in all aspects of our business, keeping us as the deathcare service provider of choice of the doting Filipino, then and hereon forward into the new normal.

Our employees’ safety has always been paramount in management’s priorities, and maintaining such, while providing the same old “Alagang Golden”, has been the challenge we have conquered together.

Golden Haven disinfects their offices and memorial chapels

Throughout the events of the pandemic, we have been compassionate yet professional; non-judgmental yet discerning; and we have been alleviating grief of clients while maintaining standards prescribed by the health department. Our parks and offices have been meticulously treated with constant disinfection drives, to make sure our clients deal with us in confidence. These acts of care all reflect our “Alagang Golden” promise to all our stakeholders.

New Normal Face Guard in Golden Haven Office

Moreover, I am proud of everyone for finding ways and means to leverage on technology to preserve the quality of our services, at safer distances. Online payment channels have been established and swiftly put into practice, enabling our clients to settle accounts at the comforts of their own homes. Our soon to launch technology; WakeConnect, is a revolutionary initiative that will take online funerals to new heights with sophisticated features, and more personal connectivity than ever before. Wherever you may be in the Philippines or in the world, Golden Haven will equip you with the perfect avenue to share memories, and be with your loved ones through the most trying of times. Let’s not make death a lot harder than it already is, here at Golden Haven, we have been embodying what it truly means to be the perfect “katuwang” in grief and eventual acceptance.

We are moving forward into the new normal, full sail ahead. I am confident that, together with our Chairman, and with everyone on board, we are bringing the Golden Haven ship into new, undiscovered shores. There is more to what has been mentioned earlier; the pandemic may be a testament to our mortality, but it is also a worthy testament of our resilience through each other. May God bless us all.

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