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Benefits of Investing In Memorial Lots

Posted by Golden Haven on March 5, 2021

written by Jelleen Ysulan, Padre Garcia Branch Manager

Wondering what benefits having a memorial lot as an investment gives you? We got it for you.

Thinking of Investing? Here’s an investment pro tip for you:

Have a Diversified Investment Portfolio

As the adage goes, “do not place all your eggs in one basket”, and such still holds true in investing. Having a diversified investment can help you minimize the risk of loss and will help you achieve smoother, more consistent investment returns over the medium to longer term.

Here is one investment that can be a great start or addition for you: MEMORIAL LOTS! 

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Golden Haven memorial Park Iloilo

The benefits of investing in MEMORIAL LOTS with Golden Haven.

High-Value Appreciation

Memorial lot values appreciate over time, just like any other real estate property. Investing in memorial lots can be rewarding as its value is currently estimated to appreciate from 15% to 20% per year. In some cases, it can even go higher than 30% per year, depending on the area.

Low Capital Requirement

Memorial lots unlike other investment options are more affordable on a month-to-month basis. Memorial lots can range from Php 40,000 to millions of pesos depending on size and location, thereby making amortizations more manageable.

Low Risk

Investments like memorial lots are considered low risk because of their low capitalization requirement and because of their stable market value and are in full contrast against cars or gadgets that “self-predate” on previous models almost every month.

Ease of Transfer of Rights

This type of feature is very helpful for investors. Transferring the rights doesn’t need to be a hassle, you just need to go to the office and provide a menial amount as transfer fee and present documents like Certificate of Ownership, Valid IDs, and Deed of Absolute Sale and voila, the deal is done. No tedious list of permits or licenses needed.

How to start?

Memorial lots can be utilized as an investment and/or for personal use.

Once fully paid, you will have perpetual ownership of the memorial lot. This means it’s yours unless you sell or give it away. If you choose it as an investment by letting its value grow and then selling it at a much higher price whenever you need or want additional funds.

Investment tip: 

Death is hard, but it’s a part of life.

There will always be somebody looking for a good memorial lot, more often than not, urgently when they actually NEED it, which will then allow for more profit. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity.

Ending Thoughts

From an investor’s point of view, people pass away every day, there will always be a market for it. And considering its appreciation value, you’ll be able to price yours competitively—in an amount that’s higher than the price that you bought it for, providing you a generous amount of income, yet lower than the current market selling price so as not to make it hard for the buyer. It’s profiting and helping at the same time. Win-win, am I right?

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