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Filipino’s New Year Traditions and Superstitions

Posted by Golden Haven on December 27, 2021

We’re approaching the end of the year, and the anticipation will only grow as we enter a New Year. We will ring in New Year with tremendous celebrations. New Year is celebrated by people all across the world, although traditions, cultures, and customs differ. While few traditions are identical, we may occasionally encounter customs that are different from our own. Few individuals like learning about the customs of people from different nations.

Filipinos love New Year’s Eve. Every year, they note it on their calendars as a significant occasion. Their observances are the most pleasant and valuable. New Year’s Eve is a wonderful occasion marked by spectacular fireworks and a variety of tasty delicacies for anyone to enjoy. For Filipinos, New Year is a bigger deal than Christmas. There are numerous fascinating customs and superstitions that the people adhere to. Filipino traditions are unique, and everyone observes them religiously on New Year’s Day. Another factor worth mentioning is that Filipinos are heavily influenced by Chinese culture. If you’re interested in learning about Philippine New Year’s customs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest.

  1. Round-shaped fruits

Eating grapes or little spherical fruits is another Hispanic ritual that dates back to the colonial era. Twelve round grapes are required in one variation, while twelve other spherical fruits are required in another. Regardless of whether method is used, the fruits must be on the dining table by midnight. Each individual must eat all twelve grapes, however with the full huge fruits, each person just needs to take a bite from each.

The spherical fruits symbolize riches since their form resembles old-fashioned gold and silver coins. This belief is also linked to the notion that wearing a polka-dotted blouse or dress on New Year’s Eve would bring you good luck in the next year.

A set of round fruits for new year
apple, orange, grapes

2. Loud Noises

On New Year’s Eve, the Philippines is a cacophony of noise and noises since many feel that being peaceful will harm them in the following days. On the big day, they aim to be as loud as possible. To make noise, the children bash their spoons against one other and play various instruments. Videokes are set to max volume. If you believe this is a weird practice to follow, beliefs assure us that it is not. This practice is based on the notion that people’s loud noises will chase away the bad spirits.

Filipinos celebrating a noisy new year

3. Wearing Polka Dots Designed Clothes

Wearing polka dots is said to bring good luck in the Philippines. Filipinos believe that spherical items bring good luck, wearing a round patterned dress on New Year’s Eve has become a tradition. According to Filipinos, the round goods will bring prosperity back.

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Woman wearing a red dress with polka dot design

4. Jump As High As You can

If every kid (even adult) you see is leaping wildly when the clock strikes midnight, don’t be frightened. Jumping is said to make you grow taller, according to folklore.

children jumping on new year

5. Sticky Rice

Filipinos value families, so they do everything they can to strengthen those ties. It is customary to consume sticky rice foods during the New Year, such as bibingka, a savory rice cake, and biko, a sweet rice cake. It’s meant to bring good fortune as well as bringing you all together — the glutinous rice is a magnet for good luck and will remain with you all year.

Filipino delicacy rice cake called biko

Many individuals nowadays prefer to ignore some of these customs in favor of more basic and private events. People are becoming more realistic in their pursuit of health and riches, as well as more practical in their giving.

Fireworks are one type of a New Year’s celebration. Rather of purchasing and igniting their own fireworks, some individuals prefer to attend to a public location where a fireworks display is being held. People flock to restaurants that provide New Year’s specials rather than going through the arduous preparation of cooking food. Whatever method we choose to ring in the new year, the most important thing is to do it with the people who make our lives memorable.

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