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Christmas home decoration tips you can do at home with the family

Posted by Golden Haven on November 5, 2021

There’s brewing excitement in the air as the holidays stand in the offing. And no other season in the calendar evokes as many happy thoughts and merry-making the way Christmas does. Transforming your home into a little world of wonder while bonding with your family is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Unbox those glittering baubles and tinsels, add a personal touch to your tree, and level up your gift-wrapping skills to make your home guest-ready for the holidays. Here are some Christmas home decor tips you can do at home with the family.  

Christmas home decoration tips you can do at home with the family

 8 Christmas decor tips you can do at home with the family  

  • Keep it cozy  

A cozy home this Christmas should be something that gives a feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxation to your visitors. “Cozy” is defined by what’s happening inside your home during the holidays, and the kind of Christmas decorations you choose: fresh greenery like your well-trimmed tree, a bigger wreath on your front door or porch, mini wreaths here and there for a fresher, more natural ambiance. Personalized ornaments like hand-crafted, cookie-shaped clay decors, glittering old plastic cups and balls, and specially wrapped gifts.   

  • Get rustic   
Christmas home decoration tips you can do at home with the family

Whether you reside in the metro or the suburbs, achieve that woody, down-home look for the holidays. Pine cones and winter greens. Holiday messages of love and inspiration written or carved on vintage-looking wood. Wooden bead stars or stars made of twigs and branches add a rustic touch, and leather ornaments, too! 

Wreaths made of cones, acorns, or candy. Or a bowl filled with mixed nuts, holiday greens, and seasonal fruits – red berries, apples, oranges, and pears.  

  • Prettier in pink
Christmas home decoration tips you can do at home with the family

Red and green aren’t the only colors associated with the holiday season. Pink for Christmas? Traditionalists may think it’s uncommon but decorating in pink can stand out in a totally unique way. It has different shades that fit in either vintage or glam, and throwing in a bit of pink can give your tree a girlier, softer look.     

  • Have a theme in mind  

Christmas without pines is like a Christmas Eve dinner without stuffed turkey or prime ribs, but you can still go bold in decorating. Setting up a themed Christmas tree could strike your creative chord – which is all you need to transform your entire home into something cheery this season.  

  • Silver Christmas  
37 DIY Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

A silver bell. This is what comes to mind when talking about a silver-themed Christmas, right? So reusing old decors from previous Christmases should be family fun and easy to do. Just pair silver with white and voila, a super chic Christmas tree! Do you have a red tree from last year? Accentuate that with white ribbon, silver bells, and tinsel for a “new look” this season. And, wrap your gifts in silver, too!  

  • The Frosted Tree  

Residing in a tropical country where there’s no snow during the Christmas season? You can still have that Christmas in winter wonderland feel by using snow-dusted pines, frosted twigs and branches (spray paint can do the trick so get the tutorial), and colorful Christmas decorations. You just have to find time for it, a little creativity and ingenuity to come up with that!  

  • Christmas Animals  

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may be glad to drop by your home from the North pole to say hello to your Christmas animal-inspired tree! Deers and penguins, alpacas and peacocks, foxes and oxen. And of course, donkeys!   

  • The Minimalist Tree  

Tired of trees brimming with twinkle lights and decors? Go for a minimalistic look this season. Sparse decorating is the key to that nice and clean look this Christmas. Saves you time and money!  


Ways to Make Your Home Look Christmassy    

A lot of DIY Christmas decorations can be done with your whole family to turn your house into a festive mood this holiday.    

  • Make your own tree. Hang a mini tree made of red and white yarn that’s dressed for the occasion in your hallway. Or a special rainbow-colored “tree” made of pom-poms on your desk or tabletop can certainly add holiday cheer to your home.  
  • Your little girl’s old knit stockings can be strung to create a lovely diy advent calendar for her room – another Christmas decoration idea that’ll pump up your kid’s excitement for the holidays.  
Ways to Make Your Home Look Christmassy    
  • What’s a Christmas without canes? Canes symbolize these holidays as much as a fir tree, Santa Claus or Rudolph do. These sweet treats can also be used to decorate your home. Like a candy cane-inspired tree, you can have your wooden tableware painted with a candy cane sticks pattern. Huge candy canes with red bows, pine cones, and berries can be turned into magical holiday decor.  
  • Dried orange slices or dried citrus (lime or pomegranate for a change. Get the tutorial.) make a dangling and cheerful Christmas decoration for a more rustic and Christmassy feel. They can also be added to a wreath, made into a potpourri or a simple garland. Or as garnishing for the holiday drinks.   
  • Make your version of twinkle town by displaying fairy lights not only this holiday season but all year round. String lights aren’t just for the celebration of Christmas. They can also light up your home without looking childish or overly festive. There are pretty ways to brighten up hallways and illuminate kitchens all year round. Fairy lights can also be used to wrap your bedposts, wind up the stairs, or lace tabletops to make your home merry.   
  • DIY Christmas cards  

DIY Christmas cards aren’t as time-consuming as you think. It’s a fun activity your kids will enjoy doing. With little guidance, you’ll be surprised by how creative your kids can be. You can choose printable card ideas that only require paper and a printer with ink.   

Christmas home decoration tips you can do at home with the family

Whichever way you choose to do it, your DIY Christmas card will surely do what it’s meant to – make you and your family smile during the holidays.  

Christmas decoration ideas you can do with your family 

  • Pasta Wreath  

Pasta noodles can be made into beautiful Christmas decorations. You can make a bell, a candy cane, and a  Christmas tree (get the tutorial for a Christmas tree), and many more shapes! Grab some Christmas cookie cutters and you’re on your way to making different shapes and sizes of Christmas decorations made of pasta. Paint some dried pasta bow ties, add a ribbon to make a unique pasta wreath. Sprinkle with glitters for some sparkle and a more festive look.  

Christmas home decoration tips you can do at home with the family
  • Epsom salts ornaments  

Epsom salts can give a new look and life to your old hanging ornaments, (get the tutorial) leaving them all glittery and elegant. This holiday decorations project will get you and your kids’ creative juices flowing. Epsom salt ornaments are suitable throughout the year. It adds crystallized charm to your home.  

  • Kitchen makeover   

A lot of people tend to overlook the kitchen. Because they’re focused on decorating the front porch, and the living room. Isn’t it about time you give your kitchen the holiday makeover it so deserves?  

Take the classic Christmas colors green and red accessories for the traditional Christmas decors. Choose your tableware, tablecloths, and napkins that match the color of your wreath and garland to bring the holiday spirit into your kitchen.   

  • Gingerbread

There are so many ways to enjoy the combined sweetness and spice of gingerbread cookies. (Get the tutorial) Trifles, milkshakes, fudge, gingerbread pudding. Baking cookies like gingerbread will make you feel full and jolly this Christmas!  

  • Set the holiday table 

So, you chose to go for a themed Christmas this year. From the front door to the bedrooms and kitchen, the holiday spirit is in the air, and your home is now all prepped. But not quite, till you’re done decorating the holiday table as well. Set a festive dining table that conforms with the overall theme of your home this Christmas.

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