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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Golden Haven


The transformation of the Philippines in the last few years from being an average economy to becoming one of the strongest in the world is exceptional. The Philippines is flourishing with opportunities. One of the prominent reasons behind this progress is expansion and development in the fields of business and investment sectors.

Golden MV Holdings, Inc. (formerly Golden Bria) is part of the Villar Group of companies and is considered to be the third-largest real estate company in terms of market capitalization valued at more than P200B. It has 2 subsidiaries, Golden Haven Memorial Parks and Bria Homes.

Golden Haven Memorial Parks is a real estate company specializing in the development of memorial parks. Golden Haven was established in October 1984 by the MB Villar Group of Companies headed by our Chairman, Former Senate President Manuel B. VIllar Jr. Our first project, Golden Haven Las Pinas, a 14-hectare property devoted for the southern communities of Manila, nearby cities of Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Bacoor, Pasay, Taguig, and the more accessible municipalities of Laguna.

Golden Haven now has over 30 Memorial Parks and 34 developments all across the country. We grow at an average of 3 to 4 new projects per fiscal year. The company is geared for vast expansion with the vision of having a themed memorial park in every hometown, as every Filipino dreams of retiring and enjoying life’s peaceful dusk in one’s hometown.

Golden Haven is dedicated to create a lasting memory for every investor and client alike with its various concepts in memorial park establishments. Our internationally acclaimed themed parks are designed to communicate sophistication and class, unlike no other within the industry. The parks are also fully maintained by the Golden Haven Park Management to preserve the locations’ legacies as intended when they were acquired. Our products are also one of the most valuable investments a wise Filipino may consider – values of our Memorial Lots at Golden Haven appreciate exponentially, and as long as there is a need (and there always will be), values in their commerce and trade will always grow day by day.

Golden Haven Memorial Parks offer various lots suited to the preference of our investors or purchasers alike. We have Lawn Lots (1 Lot – 2.4m x 1m in dimension), Memorial Garden (3Lots) Garden Niche (4 lots), Family Patio (8Lots) or Family Estate/Mausoleum (12 lots or 15 lots). See more products offerings here.

Memorial Lots qualify as real estate property and are deemed as investments that never go stale. They may be used for proof of good credit, as collateral for loans, and other indications of financial stability. For the value of the land, particularly in Metro areas where we are, appreciation is realized yearly, and prices per square meter are always presumed to ascend.

Example: Golden Haven Las Pinas started to offer the lawn lots at P5,000 in the year 1984 but now, these boast prices upwards of P300,000 per lawn lot. Golden Haven Cebu began its offering at P25,000 in the year 2003 but now, these same lots cost P243,000 per unit.

Yes. Golden Haven Memorial Park gives prime consideration to each buyer hence one is given the choice to transfer to any other park, should they prefer, usually due to value appreciation considerations. Aptly coined “Libing Anywhere”, Golden Haven understands the freedom of abode, a unique trait of Golden Haven.

Particularly now in the new normal, we have opened online payment facilities and we encourage the use of such. Otherwise, payments for our Golden Haven lots may be done thru Bank Payments, payment centers, or over-the-counter through Golden Haven Offices, although of course, online commerce is preferred.

Maintenance Care Fund fees have already been tucked into the TCP and will last for 50 years from the time of purchase. With this is mind, we are totally secured that our priced investment will be well maintained and always within standards.

Yes. Only the Registered Owner or his successors-in-interest may legally allow any demised party be interred in their property. This is keeping the privilege of the Owner to the right to use the property, in accordance with Park Maintenance policy.

Burial Methods are exhaustive and painstaking. To avoid stress, Golden Haven offers an installment plan payment for the pre-need Memorial Lot investment, possibly saving the owner hundreds of thousands of pesos.

Golden Haven Memorial Park has its own Golden Haven Memorial Chapels and Crematorium located in Global South, Las Pinas City. The Memorial Chapels offer a suitable Burial Package that will meet the financial conditions of the family. The Chapel may also provide Burial and Cremation services depending on the agreement with the family. Click here to explore our Memorial Chapels

Memorial Products

Yes, a memorial lot is a good investment. In fact, memorial lots are the most lucrative type of real estate investment with up to 20% value appreciation annually. They only require low capital unlike other real estate investments plus they are assignable and transferrable, thus easy for reselling

In line with the posted prices in 2018 of one of the well-known memorial developers, the bottom rate for memorial lawn lots starts at PhP200,000.00. On the other hand, memorial lots in the provinces may cost as low as Php50,000, depending on the location and if the memorial park is on its pre-selling stage. Read more about it here.

Garden lots, Family Patios, and mausoleum properties, that can house numerous household members can cost millions – PhP2,000,000.00 and PhP18,000,000.00, respectively. Read more about mausoleums here.

Yes. Here at Golden Haven Memorial Parks, we allow owners to build their own structure on their plot. First, they need to submit their floor plan details and size, and other documents to the admin for checking. After the approval, they can start the construction with their contractor. Golden Haven also offers their newest offering, Golden Shrines Mausoleum Collection, where clients can choose designs for free. Click here to know more.

Park and Quarantine Guidelines

Get-togethers for necrological administrations, wakes, inurnment, and funerals for non-COVID passings are permitted but constrained to prompt family individuals. Visits to dedication parks, cemeteries, and columbaria might be constrained to not more than 10 individuals per bunch and not surpassing thirty percent 30% of the setting capacity. For affirmed, suspected, or likely COVID passings, in any case of community isolate status, as it were grown-up family individuals of the expired are allowed to go to the burial service. Expansive gathering at crematorium and burial ground ought to be dodged, there will be no seeing of cremains.

Payments and Accounts

Yes, there is. Penalties are added to client’s monthly bill due whenever the client fails to pay her obligation 30 days upon due date. See more payment options here

Penalty rate amounts to 4% of client’s monthly amortization. Said penalty is also cummulative after every 30 days. See more payment options here

The list of settlement options in order to update a certain account is as follows:

  1. Update by means of paying the full bill due amount
  2. Restructuring of account.
Update your Account info here.

Restructuring is the process of recomputing an account’s monthly dues. Computation is based on the account’s current outstanding balance less the amount they’ll settle upon restructuring (downpayment is required during the said process).

First payments are not refundable and transferrable.

Yes, failure to settle an account due may result to cancellation. Usually, a notice of cancellation is being send out to client. If there’s no response 30 days after due date stated on the said notice, the account will be automatically cancelled.

Amount refundable depends on the accounts payments are there are some certain deductions on the payments made

With the heightened threat of fast transmission of CoVID, we are encouraging our clients to settle their monthly dues on our accredited payment centers:

  1. Bank Payments – clients may settle OTC via banks bills payments or via mobile banking.
  2. Accredited bank partners are BDO, Metrobank, RCBC, Security Bank, and All Bank
  3. E-Wallets – clients may also settle their monthly dues via AllEasy, Gcash, and PayMaya applications
  4. Website Payment – the client may pay via AsiaPay (MasterCard and visa cards accepted); DragonPay with a wide array of payment centers to choose from; Scan to Pay (P2M)
  5. Payment Centers – no online portals or e-wallets, client may still pay at the nearest 711, Mlhuillier, Smart Padala, AllDay Supermarket, and a lot more

For the complete list of accredited payment centers and step by step guide on how to settle monthly dues just visit:

Particularly now in the new normal, we have opened online payment facilities and we encourage the use of such. Otherwise, payments for our Golden Haven lots maybe done thru Bank Payments, payment centers or over-the-counter through Golden Haven Offices, although of course, online commerce is preferred.

All you’ll be needing is your account number. The account number is composed of 9 alpha-numeric characters, each code assigned is unique per account. You may also ask for your account number thru our CNC officer at the branch where you made your investment

No, an account shall be fully paid first before they may use it for a service. For accounts that are considered as big inventory, at least 50% must be paid by clients before they may use the said plot.

A certificate of ownership and deed of absolute sale will be issued upon full payment. Just be informed that processing of the said certificate will commence upon full payment.

Insurance are promos only during the client’s paying period. Once the account is fully paid, insurance is also terminated.

Yes, units are transferrable, just please be advised that a certain fee is applicable for the said process. Read more about Re-sale memorial lots here.

Payment continuation of an account which is cancelled varies and will still be subject for approval as there’ll be additional charges on the said account. Update your Account info here.

Yes, the principal buyer may transfer the said account even it’s still amortizing as long as it is updated. Explore our payment options here.

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