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Be a Real Estate Agent or Broker of Golden Haven Memorial Parks

You are just a few steps toward becoming a Real Estate Agent/Broker of one of the largest real estate companies in the Philippines, Golden MV Holdings, Inc! Just fill in the necessary details and we will reach you regarding your online accreditation. Sign up today!

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Why join Golden Haven Memorial Parks?

There are a lot of reasons why joining Golden Haven Memorial Parks is beneficial to you. Memorial lots are easy to sell as all of us will be needing this at the end of our journey, so everyone is your potential buyer. That is just one of the reasons! Check out more on the list below:

Part of Villar Group of Companies

Golden Haven Memorial Park is part of the Villar Group of Companies own by Former Sen. Manny B. Villar, and we are under Golden MV Holdings company (formerly Golden Bria Holdings, Inc.) alongside Bria Homes, Inc.

Nationwide Reach

We are present in over 30 locations nationwide which you can sell anywhere in the Philippines. More lots for our real estate agents and brokers to sell!

High Commision Rate

We offer a high commission rate for our sellers up to 8% and we use GCash to transfer commission. You can now claim your commission anywhere in the Philippines!

Free Trainings and Webinars

We regularly conduct free online training and webinars for our real estate agents/brokers and direct sellers. Learn how to maximize the digital platforms in selling memorial lots and many more!

Most Lucrative Real Estate Investment

Memorial lots is considered as the most lucrative investment as it appreciates at 15-20% year on year. A perfect investment for those who wants to start an investment.


We are the first and only death care company to be listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Our company’s initial offering is at P10.50 per share when we listed in 2017 and now at P449 per share. That’s an over 1000% increase since its first public offering!

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