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Golden Haven is a subsidiary of Golden Bria Holdings, Inc. one of the largest real estate company in the Philippines in terms of market capitalization.

Golden Bria Holdings, Inc. (HVN), formerly Golden Haven, Inc., was incorporated on November 16, 1982 and is mainly engaged in the development and sale of memorial lots across various parts of the Philippines. The Company likewise develops, constructs and operates columbarium facilities.

Golden Haven IPO Offering

In 2017, the Company acquired 99.99% ownership interest in Bria Homes, Inc. (BHI) and amended its primary business purpose into real estate in order to gain flexibility in undertaking business expansion while it remains engaged in the death care industry. On March 6, 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the change in corporate name to the present one.

The Company’s deathcare business operates under the “Golden Haven” brand and presently has 35 developments in 32 locations across the country. Golden Haven (HVN) also has columbaries within a selection of its memorial parks, including the 20,000-vault columbarium located beneath the Sanctuario de San Ezekiel Moreno, a chapel constructed by the Company along C5 Road, Pulang Lupa, Las Piñas. HVN also has memorial chapel services in Las Piñas and Pampanga.

Golden Haven also offers memorial lots at varying sizes and price points within each of its existing memorial park and within those memorial parks presently in development. The four basic lot packages are lawn lot; garden niche; family patio; and family estate. Purchasers of a family estate lot can elect to construct a mausoleum, the design and construction of which must conform to Golden Haven’s parameters as part of the terms of the purchase. HVN also provides, as an additional service and at additional cost to the client, construction and associated services for these mausoleums.

For its residential development business, HVN operates through Bria Homes, Inc with 51 projects in 40 locations in the Philippines. In 2019, the Company was able to launch projects in new locations such as Alaminos, Laguna, Batangas, and Montalban, Rizal.

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Golden Haven Timeline


Golden Haven Memorial aspires to be the leader in professional Death Care development and services with the most beautiful and expansive memorial parks, columbaries in the Philippines – the choice of every Filipino.


We at Golden Haven are dedicated to build a garden that brings healing and hope to the living through natural beauty, peace and solitude also guaranteeing its perpetual care far into the future with reverence, dignity and honor to the departed.


Cost Concioussness
Cost Consciousness

Cost is not a question of numbers, but a question of value. It is not what we can cut out, but what we can save on. We are learning because we know that success does not depend on the number of people, but on the number of ideas, and the brilliance of those ideas. We are not cost-conscious to increase our profit margins but to guarantee that we have sufficient resources for tomorrow. It is not just the cost to us that we must concern ourselves with, but the cost to our customers as well.



Synergy is one of a corporation’s greatest assets. The solitary genius is nice, but teams are stronger. We have common goal, and we need each other to get there. We have each other’s back. We have the Company’s back.


We need to be trustworthy, and we need to be trusted. There must be integrity and reliability in our word, and our character. Honesty necessitates dependability, fairness, probity, and holding on to high principles. It is the only way we can believe in each other and our customer can believe in us.
Competitive Spirit

Competitive Spirit

Everyday, we at Golden Haven step into the battlefield knowing we are well equipped. We are a crack team. Better trained. Better skilled. Better motivated.
The competition is there for two reasons: to learn from and to knock out. We owe it to ourselves to keep building muscle, and we owe it our customers to keep fighting
Closeness to Customers

Closeness to Customers

Our future is wrapped up in our customers – along with their dreams, their hopes, their lives. We must become part of their community – and their family. What they need is as important as what we do. It is what drives what we do. To them, we will always listen. From them, we will always learn. They are the reason we exist.

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