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The Golden Haven Story – Online Flipbook


Golden Haven Memorial Park is the country’s largest chain of memorial parks today. We are known for it’s thematic memorial parks with inspirations around the globe. We are Golden Haven Memorial Parks, and this is our story.

Where it all started?

Established with a nationalistic objective, Golden Haven was brought to life in 1982 by former Senate President Manuel B. Villar Jr. It is part of his vision to create brands that are continuously woven into every step of Filipino lives.

This grand narrative of the Villar Group of Companies culminates with Golden Haven, by ensuring that the values and traditions. Through premier deathcare services, and the country’s most beautiful memorial parks, Golden Haven provides revered and dignified resting places for the Filipino’s dearly departed.

Golden Haven’s Crown Jewel — Our Memorial Parks

Considered revolutionary in the industry, Golden Haven boasts of themed memorial parks, modeled after the world’s most iconic locations and created by the country’s most respected architects and engineers. With landmarks such as the famed Christ the Redeemer Statue in Golden Haven Cagayan de Oro, the Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar in Golden Haven Zamboanga, the Imperial Gardens of Golden Haven Cebu, the Pope John Paul II Statue in Las Pinas, among many others, Golden Haven strikes the perfect balance between solemnity and sophistication.

Golden Haven believes that every Filipino dream to leave a lasting legacy in his hometown, thus through Golden Haven’s massive expanse of over 30 projects nationwide, the promise of meaningful repose is a reality for the Filipino anywhere in the archipelago. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, all boast world-class parks and services to keep the Golden Haven experience consistent all throughout the country.

Offering different memorial products for your memorial needs

With a wide plethora of products, from lawn lots, garden niches, columbarium vaults, to the grandest of them all; the esteemed family estates and mausoleums, Golden Haven provides plenty of options for its clients to invest in. Whichever the choice may be, all Golden Haven clients are assured that their investment is of top-quality and will carry the promise and philosophy of excellence that Golden Haven has been adhering to, to maintain the title of the premier memorial park developer in the country.

Since its establishment in 1982, Golden Haven has helped millions of Filipinos be prepared for the most challenging times. Despite its inevitability, plenty of the Philippine population regard death preparations as a non-priority, hence, when the time does come, expenses triple or even quadruple in comparison. This is the reason that Golden Haven is arduously working to be top of mind for Filipinos, both online and offline — as a gentle reminder that preparation comes a long way.

Memorial Lots as the most Lucrative Real-estate Investment

More than answering the basic need for deathcare, Golden Haven has been a gold mine for Filipinos who have dared to invest in its grandeur. Dubbed as the “most lucrative low-maintenance investment option”, Golden Haven’s investors are treated to an average of 20% annual increase in valuation. Lot values are only expected to rise with time as Golden Haven has shown robust expansion and consistent market capitalization through the years.

Golden Haven promises to maintain the quality of all its parks as part of its agreement with its investors, thus ensuring that property values are preserved with little, to no help, from investors. An answered inevitable necessity, a profitable investment under one’s name, coupled with the priceless peace of mind an own memorial lot will bring, is the best value proposition that makes investing with Golden Haven a most rewarding experience for every Filipino.

Adaptability to Changes

Being born of a visionary’s penchant for progress, Golden Haven has stayed attuned to the times through leveraging technological advancements. Golden Haven’s investors and clients can expect top-notch touchpoints all throughout their customer experience lifecycle. Regularly updated inventories and fully immersive 3D site tours can be accessed from any mobile device. For account management, both digital payment channels and customer service representatives are available to all investors 24/7. Interment attendees can remotely be part of their departed’s solemn rites through the revolutionary technology WAKECONNECT — bringing distant families closer during the most trying times.

Our Social Responsibility

Golden Haven Memorial Parks social responsibility are built with in mind. Geared for the long-term sustainability of both business and the immediate environment. Open spaces and greeneries are ample in all of Golden Haven parks and while offices are powered by renewable solar energy. A testament to Golden Haven’s commitment towards a more holistic future.

The best investment for OFWs

To our OFW clients, every Golden Haven investment goes a long way in helping our country. Your purchase will generate more jobs not only in the metro but also in the different regions. Every investment will help create even more green open spaces and beautiful memorial parks for Filipino families to come together.

We are Golden Haven, and we are encouraging you to invest with us, for the sustainable Philippines.

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