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Park Guidelines

  • Golden Haven Memorial Parks and Columbarium are closed for visitation from October 29 – November 4, 2020.
  • Visitors are required to secure a reservation to our Admin Office at least 3 days prior the actual date of visit
  • Park will implement one way traffic flow scheme inside the vicinity.
  • Visitors without a confirmed reservation will not be allowed to enter the park.
  • First come first serve for reservation will be strictly implemented
  • Reservation for visitation is thru our website or direct call to our Admin Office
  • Tricycle/Bikes and alike will not be allowed inside the park.
  • No Littering in any part of the vicinity. Garbage Bins located in designated area around the park
  • Vendors will not be allowed inside the park.

Health Guidelines

  • Practice 2 meter social distancing. (Park’s daily capacity for visitors will be limited)
  • We will allow a maximum of 5 pax each lot per visitors, per day.
  • Persons below 21 years old, senior citizen, and pregnant women are discourage to visit the vicinity as part of the GCQ guidelines.
  • No face mask and face Shield, no entry.

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