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A Special Valentine’s Day At Golden Haven

Posted by Golden Haven on February 17, 2022

A really great Valentine’s Day Celebration at Golden Haven transpired last February 14. Golden Haven celebrates Valentine’s Day annually but this year was a special one. In line with the company’s campaign for 2022 of transcendence and empowerment, the company launched a series of events all day long. Employees, sellers, and clients alike enjoyed and felt the season of love wherever they were.

Golden Haven celebrates Valentine's day with employees and clients
Golden Haven celebrates Valentine’s day with a bang!

History of Valentine’s Day

People around the world celebrate Valentine’s day yearly on the 14th of February. Although it is not necessarily a holiday, many people look forward to this day, and for very good reasons. It is one of the most exciting days of the year. Celebrations vary from place to place but the spirit is essentially the same.

The original purpose of Valentine’s Day is to honor St. Valentine. However, the real identity of this particular patron is, until today, shrouded in complete mystery. Not one account is conclusive enough to prove the identity of the original Valentine being portrayed and celebrated on this special day.

An image of Saint Valentine, the inspiration behind the Valentine's Day
One iteration of the famous St. Valentine, the inspiration behind Valentine’s Day

One story claims that the original Valentine was a Roman priest during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. His advisors found out that single soldiers performed better than those with families. Claudius, thereafter, decreed a ban in marriage across the empire. Valentine found this to be unjust and against his beliefs. He continuously performed marriage rituals for people in love in secret.

However, authorities found out and apprehended Valentine. Shortly after, Claudius sentenced him to death.

Some other stories are also in circulation about the real identity of Valentine. Regardless of the differences, one common element is the same on these varying versions of the story. Some guy called Valentine risked his life for the sake of love.

And this is the spirit we celebrate every February 14.

Valentine’s Day On Golden Haven Parks

Flowers greeted visitors upon their entry. Golden Haven employees offered flowers to visitors on some of our parks. Some received roses while others received dedications. The management spared no effort in order to make clients feel appreciated and loved.

Of course, sellers and networks scheduled for manning the very same day also received their Valentine’s gifts. They spent the day on their posts with roses or chocolates on their hands. The gifts still surprised people even if this is a yearly tradition.

Valentine’s Day on Golden Haven Offices

Much like the tradition of making our sellers loved, Golden Haven employees also received their Valentine’s gifts in the form of flowers or chocolates. Our founder, Sir MBV, started this tradition years back. The idea is to make everyone, whatever your relationship status is, feel loved.

This is something all of our employees look forward to every year. Flowers are already placed on your work desks the moment you arrive in the morning. The offices themselves are also decorated. Love really is in the air!

Moreover, there has been a simple Valentine’s program on the morning of the 14th. Employees and heads attended the said event. Games and love songs are dedicated to employees. The DJ broadcasted love songs all day long.

Paint All Forms Of Love via Facebook Live

By afternoon, Golden Haven launched a Facebook Live in commemoration of Valentine’s Day. Audience from all across the Philippines witnessed for themselves how we acknowledged the different forms of love. The idea behind the podcast was very simple. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, someone appreciate and love you. And that is something worth celebrating.

Painting all forms of love with Golden Haven during Valentine's Day
Facebook Live presented all forms of love

The event was a complete success. People from all walks of life watched the live event and enjoyed it for themselves. There were almost three thousand viewers who joined the heart to heart conversation about the different forms of love.

Even if people celebrate Valentines day, particularly couples, there still exist other forms of love. And people related to that. Some even shared their own takes and points of view to the topic being discussed.

Netizens Loves the Podcast


Ivan Cris Ongco was also very grateful with his message: “Thank you so much for this opportunity. Napakarami kong natutunan ngayong araw. YOU’RE THE BEST!”

Ramia Niel, also a netizen, also commended the event: “Thankyou so much Golden Haven for bringing joy to us as a viewer nyo po. Happy Valentine’s day!”

Netizens Were Touched By The Love That Exists Within Family

When we shared the love that exists within family, Uthii Lopez commented: “We always begin and end with FAMILY.”

Another netizen added: “Yes,walang katulad kapag Ang Isang tao ay may pagmamahal sa Pamilya at pagmamahal Lalo na sa kapwa! Talagang may Ibabalek talaga yun sa atin Ang show of our Love.”

When the hosts shared their love for their pets, Angeli Araneta shared her own take on the topic as well: “Yes!! My fur-babies 😍😍😍 i missed them so much our cats”

Before ending the show, Roma Tejero reminded everyone: “Showing our simple gesture of our love to our love ones is a big factor for them.”

Khristine Mary F also helped made the point: “Hindi kailangan ang bonggang date..ang importante nagkakaunawaan at nag mamahalan walang awayan.”

The show ended with over 6,000 engagements and 3,500 comments.

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  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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