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Deeper Insights to the Benefits of Cremation

Posted by Golden Haven on February 24, 2022

Cremation is the process of reducing human remains to bone fragments. Now more than ever, it is practical to know the underlying benefits of cremation over traditional burial practices.

Cremation practice from other parts of Asia.
Cremation practices from Asia vary both in practice and symbolism.

Types of Cremation

We mainly categorize cremations used today: direct and liquid. Direct cremation uses heat as its main decomposers and is often the cheapest type of cremation. Meanwhile, liquid cremation or alkaline hydrolysis, uses water, alkali, heat, and pressure to speed up decomposition.

The process of cremation places the body in a vessel that is combustible yet strong enough to hold the weight. A purpose-built industrial furnace or cremation chamber exposes the body to flames and extreme temperatures. After incineration, placement of the ashes in an urn or other container proceeds. The bereaved family then receives the cremated remains.

Significance of Cremation

Filipinos, no matter how divided we are by religions, traditions, and bodies of water, share the same belief. That the human body is a sacred temple and that there is life after death. Filipinos’ burial rites and practices roots from this belief. Thus, we lean on preserving the body of the dead in different ways to honor the passing of the soul to the afterlife. 

Foreign countries practice cremation for the longest time. Cremation in the Philippines was not widely adopted until COVID- 19 hit the country. With 422,915 reported COVID-19 cases and 8,215 deaths as of November 2021, the government mandated cremations of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 victims within 12 hours postmortem. Contrary to popular Christian beliefs, there are reasons why cremation is a better burial option.


Cremation is less expensive than traditional burial options. However, it still allows families to hold a memorial service. The average price of cremation ranges from Php 70,000 – Php 140,000. Most people consider cremation price cost-effective enough to forego traditional burials.


These are for people who would not mind breaking traditions or ceremonies. A traditional funeral involves many components such as the rent of a chapel, prayer services, and storage. It also includes cemetery plot, transport of the dead, and actual burial services. When it comes to cremation, they may select how elaborate and sophisticated the ceremonies are. This is because there is more focus on their preferences and less on traditional practices.


Firstly, it opens creative ways on what to do with the ashes. People commonly store these remains in urns. However, some make a locket or piece of jewelry out of some of the remains. Furthermore, there are also those who create a memorial bench, tree plot, or sculpture. Lastly, they scatter the ashes in a natural location significant to the departed, or blast them as a part of fireworks.

Environmental Concerns

The benefits of cremation stretch to environmental factors. Many people mostly choose cremation to utilize space. It also allows us to conserve natural resources regularly used in traditional burials. More importantly, it allows us to avoid embalming chemicals which are notoriously known pollutants.

Golden Haven Memorial Park is one of the largest and most beautiful chains of memorial parks in the Philippines with over 30 locations nationwide. We are the most complete death care service provider in the Philippines offering a wide array of services as tribute to the legacy of your departed loved ones. Our crematorium is equipped with cutting-edge technology manned by highly-skilled professionals along with cremation services providing your loved ones with utmost care. 

Golden Haven Memorial Chapel offers topnotch cremation services.
Golden Haven Memorial Chapel provides the Filipino people the best cremation services available.

The company firmly believes in the personal and environmental significance of cremation. We provide the best services and the easiest transition for our clients. Knowing the benefits of cremation definitely helps clients make the most informed decision.

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