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Famous Places to Visit in the Philippines

Posted by Golden Haven on December 14, 2021

Filipinos are known for their tremendous pride in their nation. Anything manufactured in the Philippines or accomplished by a Filipino elicits a rush of national pride, particularly when it is acknowledged by the whole world. There is plenty to be proud of in a nation as stunningly lovely as this country with its 7000 islands. Let’s have a look at some of the most gorgeous and famous places and landmarks to visit in the Philippines.

a boat cruising in a beautifl beach in Palawan, Philippines

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is a destination that makes Filipinos proud, with its beautiful rock formations, clean beaches, and brilliant turquoise seas. The municipality of El Nido, which lies on the northern point of mainland Palawan, has been attracting more visitors every year, with more local and international travelers finding its unmistakable beauty. The region is largely responsible for Palawan’s status as the finest island in the world, which it has had for some time.

a drone shot overlooking coron, palawan, Philippines

Coron, Palawan

The municipality of Coron is also located inside the beautiful province of Palawan. Coron is a vacation junkie’s paradise, with blue water seas ideal for snorkeling, pure white sand beaches, and a plethora of picture-perfect sceneries. Travelers may lease a small boat or join organized tour groups for day outings around the various islands and lagoons here, much as they do at El Nido. The gorgeous Kayangan Lake, rated the healthiest in the nation and encircled by spectacular limestone cliffs; really a sight to see, both above and below the water, is a must-see.

An underwater shot showing a scuba diver and various coral reefs

Tubabataha Reefs

The Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, located southeast of the island of Palawan in the Sulu Sea, is one of the greatest marine reserves and diving locations in the world. The Tubbataha Reefs are a large system of coral reefs and home to nearly half of the world’s coral species that are home to an abundance of fish, sharks, dolphins, and whale species, making it one of the most demanded diving destinations on the globe. The short three-month diving season runs from mid-March to mid-June for anybody interested in making the journey, and the only way to see its stunning waters is to travel on a live-aboard yacht.

A pure white sand beach, Boracay, Philippines


The island of Boracay is maybe the second most popular Philippine destination after Palawan. Boracay has always been a tourist magnet that Filipinos boast about because of its pure white beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and active nightlife, but the island was closed in 2018 owing to huge sewage issue, which had a significant impact on tourism. Tourists will never run out of stuff to do on the beach, thanks to a diverse range of activities and watersports.

a photo of the historic Intramuros, Philippines


Intramuros is a walled region inside today’s tumultuous Metro Manila that played a significant part in the country’s history. Intramuros, the center of ancient Manila, crams a lot into its 0.5-square-kilometer (50-hectare) footprint, and with cobblestone lanes, restored ruins, and colonial architecture, it’s a must-see for tourists to the capital. Walking tours of Intramuros and the country’s history are available, as well as kalesa (horse-drawn calash) excursions throughout the historic zone.

Rizal Shrine

Now that we are on the historical side, Rizal Shrine is definitely a must visit if you will be passing by Calamba, Laguna.

Rizal’s house is a two-story stone and hardwood building with narra floors and a red tile roof. It contains a large parlor with broad capiz shell windows, a library, dining room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and pantry, and a balcony. The servants’ rooms, workroom, and food supply storehouse were all on the ground level. Atis, santol, tampoy, makopa, plum, balimbing, and kasuy were among the fruit trees planted in the backyard, which Rizal often referenced in his works. There is also a nipa hut outside which young Jose’s hideaway back in the day.

Golden Haven Memorial Park Liliw, Laguna

Also in Laguna, known as the “Footwear Capital of Laguna” and the home of approximately 38,315 peace-loving, hospitable and hardworking inhabitants. It is one of the highland towns forming the southern extremity of Laguna. It is situated at the foot of Mt. Banahaw.

Liliw is perhaps best known for its cold water spring resorts, native homemade sweets and a sizeable shoe industry that rivals that of Marikina City. The town is also known for its baroque church and its Liliw-style houses. The local government is currently undertaking means to conserve its cultural heritage sites and has proposed to enact a legislation that would mandate the usage of the Liliwstyle architecture as the only means of construction and re-construction in the town. If the ordinance passes, Liliw will have a greater chance to become a heritage town, and further support from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

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