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Golden Haven offer high investment return

Posted by Golden Haven on October 30, 2020

With the COVID pandemic halting price increases in property developments. But despite this, investments in Golden Haven memorial lots are now getting on the radar of smart investors. The company is offering low-risk and a high investment return, perfect criteria to add to your investment portfolio.

Golden Haven is a subsidiary of Villar-owned listed firm Golden MV Holdings. This memorial company boasts over 30 projects in premier locations across the country. They are offering memorial lots that make perfect low-risk and safe investments.

How high can my Memorial Lot investments grow?

Aside from its beautifully designed parks and tranquil settings that honor the dearly departed, the memorial lots at Golden Haven increase in value over time, appreciating by at least 20 percent yearly.

For instance, lots at Golden Haven Memorial Park in Las Piñas, a 15-hectare property that features elements of Spanish architecture, now cost around P378,000, an impressive 2,240 percent hike from the P5,000 price when it first opened in 1984.

In Golden Haven Cebu, a mountaintop sanctuary inspired by Italian design, a P25,000 memorial lot in 2005 now costs P232,000, an increase of over 828 percent in value.

Another choice location is Golden Haven Memorial Park in Cagayan de Oro, known for its majestic replica of the famed Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. In 2007, memorial plots cost P33,000. Today, those plots now cost P89,000, a 170 percent increase in value.

Flexible Terms and Discounts

As more developers offer incredibly flexible terms and even substantial discounts to prospective property seekers at a low cost—with no risks involved—but with a proven high return on their investments, Golden Haven continue to lead the pack, backed up by its parent firm’s proven credibility and track record in the real estate industry.

Who is Golden Haven?

Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings Inc. A publicly listed, Villar-owned company currently positioned as one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Golden Haven offers premium death care services and prime memorial lots. Dubbed as the most lucrative real estate investment in the country today with an average of 20% annual value appreciation.

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  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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