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Filipinos Now More Aware of Memorial Investments says Golden Haven

Posted by Golden Haven on November 17, 2021

Golden Haven Marketing Services Head Says Filipinos Now More Aware of Importance of Memorial Investments

Last Undas 2021, Golden Haven Memorial Parks was invited to be interviewed in ANC News. Lloyd Cunanan, head of Marketing Services of Golden Haven, answered at the Market Edge. Here’s how the interview went:

Who is Golden Haven?

Golden Haven is the nation’s largest chain of memorial parks in terms of scalability and reach. We currently operate 32 memorial parks in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and we are growing by an average of 3 new parks every year, which is a feat in itself given the vastness of Philippine terrain, so you could imagine the logistics and precision required to be able to achieve such numbers.

At Golden Haven, we are proud of our internationally acclaimed parks, all of which are designed with sophistication and class in mind. What makes Golden Haven stand out amongst competition is that each project is derived and inspired from world-class architectural and design concepts, very good examples are 2 of our flagship projects in Las Pinas and Cebu, both actually take cues from European, Mediterranean and classic Asian designs, so a trip to Golden Haven, more than an ordinary park visit, is a spiritual getaway.

Golden Haven Iloilo Memorial Park in the Philippines Drone Shot
Golden Haven Iloilo Memorial Park in the Philippines Drone Shot

Most importantly, Golden Haven is actually one of the best real estate investments peso-for-peso, low risk, high return, with an average of 20% annual value appreciation, such rates are previously unheard of in property investments below tens of millions of pesos.

Golden Haven Digital Initiatives

Most of our operations are kickstarted by digital, all throughout the marketing funnel and even aftersales are done online. From 3d site tours, to online reservations, and our client helpdesk is up 24/7

The Golden TImes Golden Haven Newsletter

We also have our proprietary software called WakeConnect. Which allows family members from all over the world attend to a live meaningful wake viewing ceremony at Golden Haven.

How has the business environment been for the past 2 years?

The conception of the common man, I believe, is that memorial parks are doing great the past years. While it is true in terms of revenue, we at Golden Haven believe that true success is being able to celebrate life in beautiful ways, and not mourn in solitude. We have found ourselves at the advent of a world crisis, it is a clear testament that despite the advancement of the human mind, or with the sophistication of human engineering, nature will have its way of reminding humanity of its mortality, and our consistent message has been that Golden Haven will be with you in this journey. Again, while business is good, we do pray for brighter days – our business is not death per se, but being the national venue of togetherness during trying times.

Expansion plans

As I mentioned a while ago, we are growing by an average of 3 new parks per year, closer and closer to our goal of having a beautiful memorial park in every hometown. We’ve recently launched in Bauan, Batangas, and in Amadeo, Cavite, which is actually a milestone for us as Golden Haven Amadeo is the country’s first eco-memorial park (allocate 1 hectare of the property for recreation areas consisting of a butterfly garden, nature trails and a mini zoo). While I can’t give out specifics of the new areas we will be launching in, what I can is we are committed to expanding our flagship projects. A big example is Golden Haven CDO, an already sprawling 10 hectare development, which we will be expanding to cover more ground in the metro province, particularly in Barangay Puerto.

Aside from expansion in the actual area, we are also expanding our portfolio of services. A good example is our recently launched Golden Shrines, wherein world-class, professionally curated mausoleum designs by our best architects are already provided complimentary to every lot purchase. This not only helps uphold the Golden Haven standard of beauty, but this also helps our investors save hundreds of thousands of pesos on the onset.

Health protocols

At the deathcare industry, have stood front and center, as the pandemic unfolded and took with it unfortunate casualties. The experience would have been nerve-wracking for most. But without any bias, I would like to commend Golden Haven for putting up the best fight in all aspects of our business, and keeping us as the death care service provider of choice, then and hereon forward into the new normal.

Our clientele’s safety has always been paramount to us, all measures of which are rallied under the “Alagang Golden” protocol. We stayed true to this with our weekly disinfection drives, strict social distancing, and consistent sanitation. We have leveraged on digital connectivity, wherein clients are able to reserve their visitation hours online, and we are able to keep in touch through active communication in social media. We are very particular with attendance during wakes, hence we schedule visitation shifts, and we even provide our proprietary technology called WakeConnect, wherein family members anywhere in the world can be part of the solemn celebration remotely.

Golden Haven Marketing Services Head Says Filipinos Now More Aware of Importance of Memorial Investments
Health workers observe as another medical personnel conducts a swab test to a suspected COVID-19 patient in Sta. Ana Hospital in Manila on April 17, 2020. Photo by Lisa Marie David/Rappler

To sum up the Alagang Golden safety protocol, it is very important to be compassionate yet professional; non-judgmental yet discerning of our actions, and continuously we have been alleviating the grief of clients while maintaining their safety and quality of life – and that, is, of course, all part and parcel of the Golden Haven brand.

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  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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