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Golden Top 5: Reasons to Invest in Columbarium

Posted by Golden Haven on August 20, 2021

When it comes to end-of-life decisions, cremation is a popular suggestion. Yet, most individuals are still confused with the term “columbarium,” and “mausoleum.” A typical columbarium is, technically, any structure that holds cremated remains. But in these modern times, columbaria include walls of compartments called “niches” that store individual urns.

The niche can be a component of ornate, ornamental constructions or a plain chamber with shelves. The urn can be shown in transparent glass or hidden behind a metal door on the front. The columbarium, like a mausoleum (which contains non-cremated remains), is a precious last resting place that should be handled with care.

Meaning of Columbarium

As the cremation develops through times, this seeming erased the main conflict, and it became more visible as people learn to differentiate one from the other. Many modern cemetery structures are referred to as “mausoleums” since they can accommodate both full-body burials and cremation interment. However, choosing cremation leads to another decision: what to do about the cremains. Let’s just have a look at the columbarium options today. As cremation becomes more prominent, columbaria are becoming a more usual burial place for loved ones’ cremains.

In this post, we’ll explore what is required for interment in one, and the advantages of doing so.

What are the primary requirements for burial in a columbarium?

  • · An urn is perhaps the most obvious object required for burial in a columbarium; Urns are beautiful personal jars that are used to hold cremated ashes of loved ones. They’re frequently customized to commemorate the individual’s memory Many people these days are concerned about money, which is why they prefer cremation over traditional funerals because they are so expensive.
  • As the population grows, cemetery sites become highly polluted, and most caskets are not biodegradable, meaning they take up valuable land for hundreds or thousands of years. Cremation is a completely natural method to leave this physical existence on earth and go to a better place; burial urns, on the other hand, are a perfect way to pay respect to a loved one, and while they are beautiful and made of lasting materials, they are much more affordable.
Cremation in the Philippines
  • · The placing of an urn into a niche — a second evident component of the operation – is required for interment in a columbarium. The segments within the columbarium are known as niches. While most niches are meant to hold individual urns, some columbaria also provide collective internment, which allows numerous urns to be stored in a single niche. Individuals should think about the elevation of the niche while choosing a niche in a columbarium. Many families like the niche to be at eye level so that loved ones may easily see it when they visit.
Urns and Niche
  • · A memorial plaque is frequently the last item required for burial in a columbarium. On the outside of the niche, several columbaria pace. Columbarium plaques were similar to grave markers in that typically recognize their loved one whose remains are interred thereby listing their name, dates of birth, but also personal information.
  • Families frequently come together to decide on a plaque design that best honors their loved one’s life. From classic to innovative designs, memorial plaques come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. Memorial plaques are made of a variety of materials; bronze, brass, and stainless-steel memorial plaques all seem to be common due of their durability. You can create a shiny, unique finish with a metal plaque, but you’ll want it to last for a long time, so make sure you select the right metal.
Crematorium Chapel

We don’t want our loved ones to be burdened financially when we pass away. Since this emotional weight they will experience as a result of our death will be hard to accept, it is only reasonable for us to strive to reduce it while we are still living. One effective approach to accomplish this is to establish a plan about when we die, similar to how we make plans for a happy life.

Investing in a columbarium has shown to be a wise decision in recent years, and it is quickly becoming a trend. Continue reading this blog to see the benefits you can gain if you start to invest early in columbarium’s

Reasons to Invest in Columbarium

1. Cheaper and low Maintenance

Any owner of a memorial lawn lot knows how expensive it is to keep the grounds in great condition. The grass must be properly irrigated and maintained, not to mention that construction equipment and licenses are typically expensive at a burial cemetery. After you get a columbarium installed, there is very little cost. Because it is made of naturally attractive granite, it requires very little maintenance. Also as compared to lawn lots columbarium are cheaper, according to one of the well-known memorial developers’ 2018 pricing, the lowest fee for memorial lawn lots starts at PhP200,000.00, but good news because Golden Haven Iloilo is offering Columbarium Vault for as low as 55,000- 1,274,000; Golden Haven Memorial Park – Iloilo boasts its theme park that is inspired by the Gardens of America. The Park is also the first of its kind within the Province of Iloilo.

San Ezekiel Columbary (3)

2. The value appreciates in future

A columbarium is a wise investment; because there are offering nice vaults, the value of each vault will rise with time. Consider how the value of land or buildings rises over time. The columbarium, like this, is a piece of real land. If you decide to purchase one, it will be a solid and safe business investment.

3. Columbarium are much safe and secured

A columbarium vault, unlike cemeteries, does not have people lying and sleeping on your grave, or worse, grave thieves digging into slots seeking expensive accessories. To guarantee the safety of its clients and the facility itself, Golden Haven have its an on-duty guard, and a security system.

Golden Haven Iloilo Memorial Lots 2
Golden Haven Iloilo Memorial Lots 2

4. Convenient

People believe that burying their loved ones in private columbaria is more convenient than burying them in cemeteries, since cemeteries may be inconvenient at unfortunate times like during the rainy season, it can be very muddy and slippery. Also, it could be far from their home, but the good thing is Golden Haven have it’s over 30 branches nationwide and Golden Haven is well known for producing most of the country’s most stunning memorial parks.

5. Save a lot of space

The fact that columbariums are so small is one of the major advantages they provide. While burial sites take up land that cannot be reused for understandable reasons, columbariums feature many niches of varying sizes. These constructions may easily be expanded.

Cebu Columbary and Nodes (1)

Final thoughts

For various reasons, we would surely like to extend our stay in this world if we had the chance. These factors might include a drive to see immediately how our years of hard work and perseverance pay off, or just an eagerness to understand more about ourselves and achieve bigger things in our short existence. After all, who doesn’t like to spend longer time with their loved ones and make great memories with them? Our existence in World, on the other side, are absolutely temporary, and we may pass in the most unpredictable of situations. Life itself will come to an end at some point, and we can only enjoy it while we still have it.

Now consider this: would you ever want your loved ones to be burdened by the expensive fees of traditional burials if you die away unexpectedly?

Las Pinas Pope John Paul Statue Columbarium

Written by: Ma. Angelica Nicole Bayan intern at Golden MV Holdings. Currently 4th year Marketing Management at Lyceum of the Philippines University- Cavite

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