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Honoring Departed Loved Ones This Christmas Season

Posted by Golden Haven on December 7, 2021

Christmas season is here, Christmas decorations are up, you hear Christmas carols almost everywhere, some are already giving Christmas gifts to their family and friends. These are obvious signs that Christmas day is near, but if you lost someone recently, may it be a family member or a friend you care about, it’s natural to feel sorrowful as death is inevitable. It’s also necessary to give yourself channels you need to mourn and the listed below are some ideas in terms of honoring your departed loved ones.

Woman mourning and honoring his departed loved one

Consider the time you’ve spent with your family and friends throughout the early years. Laughter, enjoyment, and generosity are common themes in your recollections, all of which may be used in memorializing someone on Christmas day after they’ve passed away.

Rather than concentrating on life without your cherished one, consider methods to remember the departed this Christmas season that will help keep their memory alive in a place of appreciation for their existence in your world, rather than grief that they really are no longer physically there. Christmas celebrations can still be as fun as they were if we choose to recollect them in a joyful way.

Creating a means to commemorate them this Christmas as a celebration is a fantastic way to accomplish this. What is the most beautiful method to commemorate a person’s life while celebrating Christmas? Let’s have a glance at a few ideas.

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Suggestions About Honoring Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

Outside of a funeral, a visit to a cemetery with your family members is the easiest way and most common tradition. Visiting your loved one’s last resting place might be a great practice to start.

You may visit a departed one’s grave on a monthly basis.

A visit to Golden Haven Memorial park to honor your loved ones

You may sit and reflect on your departed one at peace, or you can communicate with them and light some candles with gifts brought along this Christmas season.

Some individuals choose to bring flowers, gifts, or a modest tangible gesture, such as a memorial picture or another remembrance, to place near the tombstone. Although most of the time, people do this when they celebrate their loved one’s anniversary or birthday.

If your departed one was cremated, you might want to develop a habit of visiting one of their favorite spots. This could be a place where you held your anniversary, birthday celebration. Perhaps they adored a certain outdoor path or neighborhood bar. This is a wonderful way to commemorate our departed ones.

Some individuals spend money to have a special memorial seat or remembrance table created in a unique area, with their name etched and personalization, such as a cherished saying.

Having a space during Christmas day or this Christmas season where you may recall your departed ones is a lovely way to honor them.

Remembering The Things They Loved

What was your favorite song to sing with a buddy every Saturday night?

Is there a film that you and your grandmother enjoyed watching together when she came to visit?

Trying to continue to enjoy music, movies, or literature that your adored one liked are fantastic ways to commemorate departed loved ones. Collect photos and the person’s favorite music with family to make a presentation that everyone can enjoy.

This Christmas season, perhaps you’ll recognize a phrase or a sentence that prompts you to recall a different recollection of them. If they liked to read, pick out a book you know, they like and highlight sections of the stories that you recall of them.

Painting may function as a time capsule, allowing you to keep their memory alive in a unique manner.

There are a lot of creative ideas for you to come up with to commemorate your loved ones during the Christmas season.

Watching a movie your departed loved one used to watch to honor them

Recall Your Best Memories Of Them

Take some time to memorialize departed loved ones with a particular tale, hilarious anecdote, or holiday memory while you gather for a holiday meal or Christmas Eve gift exchange. This custom encourages family members to remember the good moments they had together rather than dwell on the sadness of the death.

A woman remembering her husband's best memories as a way to honor him

Cook their Favorite Dish

As a tradition, food draws people together, especially during the Christmas season, and this is especially true when one spot at the table is vacant. When we sight or smell a certain meal, many of us have memories that come flooding back. This is a perfect time to do this as we are in the special holiday season.

Cooking a Christmas dish used to be the favorite of your departed loved one to honor them

My Grandfather adores carrot cake, and I still find myself thinking of him whenever I see it!

Take advantage of the occasion and Christmas time to have a meal with family that brings back memories of the departed. While at it, exchanging gifts might be a good idea. Maybe you can have a potluck where each visitor brings a different dish of their favorite meal, or you watch Netflix while eating their favorite food and celebrating before the show begins on Christmas eve.

Take advantage of the holiday celebration and the chance to connect the flavor of food with the memory of a relative or friend. It’ll feel like they’re there alongside you at the moment!

Save Them A Seat On Christmas Eve

Whether it’s leaving one chair at the dining table vacant or placing an ornate chair next to a candle on your mantel, the notion of conserving a seat lets everyone know how much you miss your late one. Leaving a gift for them under your Christmas trees is also an idea for you to feel that they are still with you this Christmas season. This gesture shows your family that you are open to talking about the individual who has gone away. It also allows you to visualize your loss, which might be beneficial around the holidays.

Honoring their Memory in the form of Jewelry or Memento

Creating personalized jewelry is a unique and personal method to remember your loved one that dates back to the Middle Ages. You may engrave jewelry with their writings, signatures, handprints, footprints, cremated ashes, or even hair strands.

These materials may be used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, among other things, and can be given as Christmas gifts to their loved ones. You may personalize jewelry for your loved one in a variety of ways, including:

  • Showcasing their birthstone
  • Having their handwriting, birth date, anniversary date, or a quotation from your loved one inscribed on the item
  • Including a charm or engraving of a symbol that represents your loved one
  • Objects of particular significance encased in resin.

Light a Candle in their Memory

A pleasant and soothing approach to memorializing a lost loved one is to light a unique candle. To symbolize a late loved one’s presence in your heart and thoughts, get a candle or tiny lamp and keep it lighted throughout the Christmas season. You may adorn the candle with a photo or objects that remind you of your loved one, or you can use their favorite smell.

Candle lighting to honor your deceased family or friend

Create and Design Memorial Christmas Trees

Consider making a memorial wreath or Christmas tree to honor a late loved one if you have a collection of decorations or objects that belonged to them. You may add decorations, gifts, ribbons in their favorite colors, or even pictures and other meaningful objects to the wreath or tree. Make a designated place for the wreath or Christmas tree. Everyone will be able to appreciate the memorial item and recollect as a result of this.

Always Take Care of Yourself Especially on Holiday Season

Being without a loved one over the Christmas season may be one of the most difficult times of the year. While grieving is a highly personal experience, do not forget to be kind with yourself and attend to your own needs. Keep in mind that your loved one wants you to be happy and well. Make sure you have all of the support you need, in addition to introducing some new holiday traditions.

Honor Departed Loved Ones by Donating to their Favorite Charity

Rather than providing individual presents, combine your funds and donate to a charity or cause that is meaningful to your loved one. Donating in their name allows you to make a difference while recognizing one of their hobbies. In fact, you may want to make this a yearly event.

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