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How Much do Columbarium Vaults Costs in the Philippines?

Posted by Golden Haven on October 7, 2021

Written by: Katarina De Guzman, Golden MV Intern

In the Philippines, more families are open to cremating their loved ones as a post-funeral practice. Cremation is the process of disposing of a dead body through burning and turning it into ashes. There are many unique ways to store cremated remains such as placing them in an urn to be displayed at your home altar, turning them into jewelry pieces to be distributed to close family members, or planting them in your backyard garden. However, nothing could compare to the tradition of storing one’s ashes in a columbarium. 

San Ezekiel Columbary Inside

A Columbarium is typically a building or a room that is used to store urns, which is a custom originating from ancient Rome. This final resting place is most commonly found near a church or a cemetery, allowing the family members to visit the remains of the dead in a public yet solemn setting. The urns are individually placed in a columbarium niche, which are the shelves made out of luxurious materials of granite and marble. Each niche is completed with a memorial plaque and a flower holder for visitations. 

It is evident that columbariums are paving their way in the death care services market as it provides several advantages to its buyers. First and foremost, columbariums are very affordable compared to other burial options like a memorial lawn that requires heavy maintenance costs. Moreover, family members can also share one niche since more than one urn may fit inside, thus, immediately splitting costs in half. Columbariums are also sustainable for the environment since they take up less space of valuable land. And lastly, placing one’s remains in a columbarium provides them guaranteed tranquility and security that their resting place is in a much-respected setting. 

Urns for Columbarium Vault

In Golden Haven, we believe that columbariums are more than just burial sites. Alternatively, they are also great investments to prepare your family when the time comes. It is also a good financial investment since the value of columbariums in Golden Haven increases over time. If you were to invest in your resting place today, wouldn’t you want to get the best of the best? Golden Haven offers the most exquisite personalized columbariums, across six wonderful locations nationwide. Let’s take a tour of the Golden Haven columbariums in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao!

How much does Columbarium cost in the Philippines?

Columbariums you can find in Luzon

On the island of Luzon, Golden Haven has opened two columbariums located in the Las Piñas area namely, Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno Church and the Columbarium Vaults in Global South. Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno Church has three galleries with seven thousand columbarium units each, ranging from P198,000 to P246,000. On the other hand, the upcoming Columbarium Vault in Global South units ranges from P193,000 to P239,000 with the inclusive features of a fountain area, activity area, sales garden, and butterfly garden. Both columbariums are heavily inspired by Spanish architecture, giving a look of elegance with their open spaces and clean design.

San Ezekiel 2 Columbary(2)

Columbariums in Visayas

Moving forward, there are also two wonderful columbariums offered in the Visayas region, which are specifically located in Iloilo and Cebu city. The Columbarium Vault and Ossuary in Iloilo City is inspired by the Gardens of America with its surrounding greenery and opulent statues. Their columbarium vault units would cost around P55,000 to P1,274,000 each, giving future buyers a wide range of services to choose from that would perfectly suit not only what they’re looking for but also their budget. While the Columbary Vault in Cebu City is leaning towards the influence of Asian cultures with its temple-like structures and a touch of relaxing nature. The Columbary Vault units in Cebu are priced between P131,200 to P145,000, with the added amenities of the Pope John Paul II Memorial Hill, the Garden Plaza, the Imperial Gardens, the Koi Pond, the Butterfly Open-Garden, and the Tree Park. 

Golden Haven Iloilo Memorial Lots 2

Columbariums in Mindanao 

Last but not the least, the Golden Haven columbariums in Mindanao located in Cagayan De Oro and Zamboanga are by far the most price competitive of them all, at no more than P64,000 per unit. The columbariums in Cagayan De Oro offer over 3,500 garden niches inspired by the Gardens of the World, complete with an activity area, fountain area, and sales garden; each unit costs from P38,850 to P44,100. In contrast, the columbarium in Zamboanga city is located in one of the best memorial parks in the Philippines with its peaceful surroundings. A columbarium unit in Golden Haven Zamboanga is estimated to be priced at P59,340 to P63,480. 

Cebu Columbary (3)

With all that said, a columbarium is an excellent option to continue to commemorate the memories of your loved ones in a very special way. Investing in a columbarium unit today is excellent preparation for what’s to come in the future as it eliminates any unwanted financial burden to the ones you will be leaving behind. You may also opt to invest in buying a columbarium now to sell it in a few years and get the most out of your money. Find the perfect columbarium for you and your family today by calling us and setting up a virtual appointment.

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