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How much does mausoleum cost in the Philippines?

Posted by Golden Haven on September 2, 2021

Written by: Hannah Faye D. De Guia, Golden MV Intern

How much does mausoleum cost in the Philippines?

Without hesitations, death is a morbid topic, especially for Filipinos which are known for being sentimental. It causes emotional draining and wallet-buster for the family members left behind if the person dies unexpectedly.

No one wants to prepare for his death, but we all want to have a peaceful final resting place above the earth. It is dominant for some individuals that they will still recognize after their physical life ends. Even yet, investing in memorial lots is one of the best options, as it will serve not only as an investment but not to be a financial burden to your family. We must accept that we will need this level of readiness in the future, which we already know is prohibitively expensive.

One of the best graveyards to ensure the legacy is through a mausoleum. Some of you will assume that you possess seen one, but the Taj Mahal is a fantastic example of the large-scale mausoleum created to commemorate the lives of individuals who have passed away.

In the Philippines, Golden Haven Memorial Park is one of the best memorial parks by providing premier death-care services, revered and dignified resting places for the Filipino’s that ensure values and traditions are still being unforgotten.

Before we get deep down Golden Haven Memorial Park, let us know some information that may help you to have understanding the mausoleum entombment.

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What is a Mausoleum entombment?

Premium Mausoleum Design in the Philippines

According to history, Mausoleums are ancient burial methods that date back to 350 BC. The term mausoleum derives from King Mausolus, buried deep in a temple-like building with his wife. Ancient mausoleums have been built on a large scale to represent the wealth, power, and majesty of the individuals buried there.

A mausoleum is an above-ground entombment place with one or more crypts, or burial niches, for both whole-body burial and cremated ashes. They can be found in a variety of cemeteries and vary in size, design, and function.

Modern-day mausoleums can be ornate in their own right, depending on the preferences and desires of the deceased. They are frequently stunning marble and glass constructions dedicated to honoring the memories of loved ones from all walks of life.

What are the different types of Mausoleums?

Mausoleum Design in Manila
  • Indoor community mausoleums – also known as public mausoleums consist of a chamber or series of rooms with high ceilings lined burial spaces, often rising high levels. They usually include a sitting area, seats, or benches where individuals can sit, think, meditate, or pray while remembering their recollections of a loved one.
  • Outdoor community mausoleums – are freestanding banks of burial chambers with no external walls, sometimes known as garden mausoleums. In outdoor community mausoleums, covered sidewalks are prevalent, and some are around a landscaped courtyard.
  • Private mausoleums- sometimes referred to as family mausoleums, belong to and are occupied by a single-family and are exclusively accessible to family members. It serves as private sanctuaries that can be designed and customized based on their desires and offer a serene setting to sit and reflect.

What are the benefits of a Mausoleum?

How much does mausoleum cost in the Philippines?

Individuals and families choose to have mausoleums for a variety of reasons;

  • Privacy and Protection

Private family mausoleums provide a prominent final resting place to meet the specific needs of any family. It is a good option for families with values to has exclusive access to their loved the last resting sites of ancestors to keep a permanent record of your history influence heritage location for future generations to come together and reflect.

  • Eco-Friendly

Mausoleums are more environmentally friendly for people who want to lessen their carbon footprint because they use less land for burial. When opposed to a traditional, tombs in a mausoleum are layered on top of one other, saving space and resources.

  • Practical and Economical

Mausoleums provide the added benefit of year-round visiting because the crypts are not exposed. Families can also choose to share a mausoleum area, making it easier to visit multiple family members at once. Mausoleums are economical compared to traditional burials. By acquiring a shared mausoleum building, families can save money on many burial plots. Most important is when you are engaging in pre-planning will save money on estate taxes.

What are the Mausoleum Design and Material Options?

Mausoleum Design Philippines

The procedure of constructing a mausoleum is nearly comparable to purchasing property and building a home. You may customize anything from the size, colors, and alterations to the landscape around it to give it the curb appeal you want. An expert will design it for you and supply you with designs and drawings. Materials will be chosen and prepared by skilled artisans once you accept the offer.

Cemeteries may offer to subcontract these services for you to prefer that you engage directly with a monument firm that includes the knowledge and experience to walk you through the whole process. Experienced businesses can assist you in making all of the necessary selections troubleshooting any difficulties that may emerge.

Some of the mausoleum architectural styles include:

• Mausoleums with Classical Style Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Neoclassical Style Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Baroque Style Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Romanesque Style Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Asian Style Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Egyptian Style Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Islamic Style Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Contemporary or Modern Architectural Design

• Mausoleums with Islamic Architecture Design

Statues, sculptures, bas reliefs, friezes, murals, photos, vases, lamps, furniture, stained glass windows, chapel goods, personal artifacts, books, and funeral art are some items you might wish to put inside or around the structure.

Cost of a Mausoleum in the Philippines

The materials, size, amount of architectural detail, and location of a mausoleum influence its price. Mausoleums are an investment, and they may not be a viable option for everyone. Suggested budget for price starts at ₱ 647,000- million pesos are for 12 lots.

How to know if a mausoleum is for you?

It is a highly personal decision to choose the last resting place the power to make. If you might think of building a family mausoleum, you should gather your family and discuss the idea as a whole to obtain opinions and answer any issues or concerns.

Consult a Professional to Discuss Mausoleum

Golden Haven Memorial Park is a publicly listed subsidiary of Villar’s Golden MV Holdings Inc. Currently one of the largest real estate businesses in the country. Golden Haven offers top-of-the-line funeral services as well as exceptional memorial lots. In addition, it was the first and only memorial firm to be listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. With an average annual value rise of 20%, it is considered the most successful real estate investment.

A Complimentary to Family Estate Buyers

Golden Shrines Mausoleum Poster

As complimentary to family estate buyers, Golden Haven offers a diverse range of commodities, including lawn lots, garden niches, columbarium vaults, and the most prestigious of them renowned family estates and mausoleums, to its clientele. Thus, they launch Golden Shrines, the first-ever Mausoleum Collection, complimentary to all Family Estate and guarantees the highest level of architectural design. It provides a welcoming environment for reminiscing and commemorating the lives of their loved ones who have passed away.

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All Family Estate customers may pick the designs that best represent their families’ legacy thanks to the Golden Shrines’ skillfully created architectural blueprints. The Golden Shrines offer both attractive and significant resting spots as well as economic advantages. It has the potential to save up to P150, 000 on architecture and perspective designs.

They continue to develop new and improved solutions for the death care business, to meet Filipinos’ demand for professional and world-class death care services and memorial parks.

Taking advantage of Golden Havens’ new offer is easy and quick. The official Golden Haven Memorial Parks website backs up the whole transaction process. One may go over the many patterns and make a purchase online. It is good news for Filipinos working abroad who wish to invest in their favorite locations.

To make things easier and assure safety, we employ online services for our administrative transactions. Visit goldenhaven.com.ph or follow Golden Haven on our social media channels to schedule your appointments.

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Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary company of publicly listed Villar-owned Golden MV Holdings Inc. Currently positioned as one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Golden Haven offers premium death care services and prime memorial lots. It is dubbed as the most lucrative real estate investment with an average of 20% annual value appreciation.

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  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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