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Investing in Memorial Lots during the Pandemic

Posted by Golden Haven on October 13, 2021

Written By Harry Bucacao, Golden MV Intern

Life truly needs preparation, but you know death also needs one? As for our awareness, having a memorial is an essential part of any culture around the world. In this kind of way, we people are allowed to remember our deceased loved one or a public figure who has passed away. For thousands of years, memorials have existed in every culture. For that reason, we are able to acknowledge, remember and pay respect to people who have had an impact on our lives.

Investing in Memorial Lots during the Pandemic

In order to have a quality memorial, we people should invest in memorial developer or business that caters memorial lots focusing on creating an environment specifically called “garden” that brings healing and hope, so it will exude peacefulness to people from the aesthetics it brings. There is no other memorial developer/business that could possibly give exemplary products and services what Golden Haven could bring to the survivors and the deceased to honor the overall memorial, from great lots packages and offerings up to the post transactions, as Golden Haven prioritizes the human welfare; dead or alive.

Purchasing a property in a private memorial park is no longer just for the deceased. Because of the following benefits, people are now looking to diversify their investments in pre-need memorial lots:

Here are the following reasons why you should not hold back yourself in investing in memorial lots right now, at this moment:

Memorial Park in the Philippines
  1. It has the potential to safeguard the family’s savings.
    Pre-need lots are less expensive than at-need lots. Aside from that, there are numerous financing options for pre-need lots, whereas the only option for at-need lots is outright full payment. Furthermore, memorial parks such as Golden Haven provide free credit life insurance. In the event that the lot owner dies and the lot is not yet fully paid, the insurance company will cover the outstanding balance, subject to the insurance company’s policies. Purchasing pre-need lots protects your family’s savings from unexpected one-time large expenses.
  2. Purchasing Pre-Need Memorial Lots expands your options.
    Memorial lots are also good investments in real estate. And, as we all know, there are only so many real estate lots available. If you buy ahead of time, which means you buy pre-need lots, you can still choose the location of your choice because there are many options. If you wait too long to buy, there may not be many options left for you, and you will be forced to settle for whatever is available. Furthermore, it is more expensive.
  3. Memorial lots have a high appreciation/ resale value.
    Another fact is that real estate lots always increase in value. Furthermore, if you purchase from a reputable developer, such as Golden Haven, who creates well-maintained themed parks with luxurious amenities and landscapes, the value appreciation skyrockets. Golden Haven Parks, for example, has a 20 percent annual appreciation rate. It’s a wise decision to enter the world of investing.
  4. Pre-Need Lots are simple to sell.
    Investing in early memorial lots are more than just a way for you and your family to plan for the unavoidable future. Do you know that they can also be used as investment lots and sold for a significant profit? Yes, you read that correctly. There is money to be made in memorial lots! As previously stated, death is a fact of life. As a result, a memorial lot is required. There will always be someone looking for a memorial lot.
    With Golden Haven Parks raising the level of memorial parks, you will surely be investing over time in the most magnificent monumental parks in the country.In addition, it’s incredibly simple to resale! Golden Haven will gladly help you if you choose to sell your property.
  5. Pre-Need Lots are assets that can be used as collateral.
    Because it is a memorial property, it has the advantages to own such property. Indeed, lending institutions accept this as collateral. It’s a tangible asset, after all.

The Effect of Dealing with Grief and Loss

Dealing with death, loss, and grief is a difficult experience for anyone. As a result of providing a permanent resting place for the deceased, the survivors now have a place to go and pay their respects to the deceased. A memorial built in someone’s honor also serves as an everlasting tribute to a life well lived and life worth remembering. It is a memorial to that person and how they lived; it is a farewell gift. The sudden disappearance of someone we love is a pity. It might be financially draining more than that. We do not take time, therefore it is better to prepare for an investment at the same time, which will certainly be of high worth. You can certainly do both at Golden Haven!

Talking about Investment

Investing in a memorial lot may be the last thing on many people’s minds under normal circumstances, as leisure and other mundane matters frequently take precedence over matters such as a final resting place — for themselves or for those they love. However, realizing how fragile and unpredictable life is may motivate you to make wise decisions now, such as purchasing a memorial lot at any of Golden Haven. Starting right now after you read this article do not hold back yourself about investing in memorial lots in advance!

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