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Rituals and Practices To Help You Heal

Posted by Golden Haven on December 21, 2021

Traditions and rituals enable us to communicate our most profound feelings about life’s most critical occurrences. Graduations, marriages, and newborn dedications all entail customs and rituals that help us celebrate major life milestones. When a loved one passes away, rituals and customs may help us recognize the occasion and spend time recalling and healing.

What makes a ritual so powerful? For starters, rituals are symbolic. When we lose a loved one, we can employ symbolic gestures like lighting a candle for them, releasing a balloon or a lantern, or putting a seat at the table on their birthday or anniversary. These symbols remind us that our loved one is still present in our hearts.

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a family grieving over a coffin of a passed away loved one

Furthermore, rituals allow us to express our emotions. Dr. Alan Wolfelt, a well-known grief counselor and educator, is cited as stating, “When words are inadequate, create a ritual.” There are times when we need an avenue for expressing our innermost feelings, and language is insufficient. When a loss happens, the wound is frequently so deep that the agony is beyond our ability to process using language. A ritual can be more consoling and therapeutic than 1000 eloquent words at times of tremendous pain.

Ultimately, rituals bring individuals together in a shared experience. Funerals, visitations, candlelight services, memorial gatherings, and celebrations of life let us experience a sense of solidarity with people who are grieving and losing. We get a certain feeling of consolation from knowing that we are not alone and that people are rooting for us on our path through loss.

We believe that rituals and traditions may help heal a broken heart. We all know that rituals and gatherings help us feel linked to others and supported by loved ones’ presence. We know that rituals assist us in expressing our innermost feelings as we seek healing and reconciliation with sadness. Here are a few ideas for incorporating the significance of rituals into your healing path.

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Practices That May Help You Recover and Heal

Light a candle – When you wish to commemorate the memory of a loved one, arrange a seat at the table or create a memorial display space at home and light a candle. Every day or for significant events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, you can light a candle. Lighting a candle represents the brightness that your beloved one provided to you and the person who lives on in your heart.

Arrange a release of balloons, doves, butterflies, or paper lanterns – A balloon or lantern release ceremony represents freeing a lost loved one or sending loving thoughts to their soul. Some individuals write notes and attach them to balloons or lanterns. Some people release doves or butterflies to represent the departure of a loved one to heaven or the transformation into a new spiritual existence.

Recall memories — On special events, family and friends may choose to meet to share memories and memorialize a loved one. This may happen on the first death anniversary, at family gatherings, or on special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

pictures, notebooks and things used to remember a passed away loved one

Visit the grave of a loved one – Some individuals who are bereaved find solace in visiting their loved one’s grave, laying flower arrangements, or simply thinking about their loss. Mourners frequently visit the tomb on significant occasions or whenever they wish to feel connected to their loved one.

Attend a support group or a special commemoration event– Several community activities, such as support groups, grieving seminars, or remembering events like candlelight vigils, may also provide solace and healing. Such gatherings allow us to connect with people who are also grieving a loss, which can provide us with a greater sense of calm.

a jewelry that serves as a memento

Carry a memento – A modest memento, such as a handkerchief, a watch, a piece of jewelry, or a small heirloom, might act as a reminder of a lost loved one. If you don’t have a souvenir, you can select legacy jewelry that is made to hold cremation ashes or a lock of hair or that is imprinted with a deceased person’s fingerprint. You may even have a diamond fashioned from your loved one’s ashes! Mementos and keepsakes also serve as a daily reminder, which is typically comforting to individuals who are bereaved.

In Golden Haven Memorial Parks, we understand the pain that families go through when they lose someone. We make sure that each of their visit to the park is pleasant.

Such aesthetic wonders are ultimately complemented by Golden Haven parks’ rich connection with nature, inspiring the living to celebrate the memories of people they have loved and lost while creating new, lasting ones.  

And to further promote sustainability, the lights at the park grounds, offices, and other buildings are powered by renewable solar energy.  

Golden Haven memorial park with the Pope as a monument

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