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The Difference between Pre-need and At-need Memorial Lots

Posted by Golden Haven on April 24, 2021

Written by: Anna Dela Peña – South Mindanao Division Head

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The difference between pre-need memorial lots and at-need memorial lots, what are those? Let’s find out!

Everyone may not know that Memorial Lots are a good investment. Most people would even feel uncomfortable discussing memorial parks even if it has an investment potential and viability. Understandably, people have this kind of thought because, with the subject of memorial parks, the notion of death comes to mind. Death isn’t a favorable topic, taboo to an extent. And while death is as morbid as any topic could get – most fear it, others even feel shivers sent down their spine at the mere mention of it, but death is inevitable; it is inescapable – and this is a fact of life.

Being Prepared Lessens the Burden

But truth be told – what’s also worrisome apart from the thought of someone departing is its effects on our loved ones. We merely talk about the reality that death also leaves financial troubles in the family. This is scenario is common as we see this happen in a lot of families. Imagine the pain of losing somebody. It is undeniable that losing someone will always be unexpected. Sometimes, we knew that it was only a matter of time. We even thought that being prepared somehow lessens the burden. However, when that day comes, the pain is just unbearable. These would prove too much of a struggle to an already grieving family. However, this is a burden we can save our families from. One of the ways we can lessen this is to consider getting a memorial lot now (pre-need) as opposed to getting one when the need is already there (at-need).

Pre-need lots are equivalent to investing in insurance. You buy the memorial lot before you need it you pre-pay for a future need. An at-need lot is purchasing a lot at the time of need. Preparing ahead will help ease the burden from your family. It is highly recommended to buy pre-need lots. Allow your family to grieve for the loss and reminisce memories. On top of that, your family will still feel how you care for them even if you’re not physically around anymore.

Memorial Lots as an investment

Benefits to buying pre-need over at-need lots.

1.) It can protect the family’s savings.

Pre-need lots are cheaper than buying at-need lots. Memorial lots are costly when you buy them immediately when you need them. Apart from that, financing options are available to pre-need lots while at-need lots require full payment.
Also, memorial parks like Golden Haven offer credit life insurance for free. In an eventuality when the lot owner passes away with the lot not yet fully paid, an insurance company will take care of the outstanding balance. Thus, buying pre-need lots actually protects you from sudden one-time big-time expenses, thus, thus protecting your family’s savings.

2.) Investing in pre-need memorial lots gives you more options.

Memorial lots are real estate investments. Like any other real estate development, lots in memorial parks are limited. If you buy pre-need lots, you can choose the location that lives up to your standards. It is costly and has limited options.

3.) Memorial lots have high value appreciation.

Real estate always appreciates – that’s another fact. And purchasing from a reputable developer such as Golden Haven whose themed parks are well-maintained and coupled with plush amenities and landscapes, the value appreciation is pegged at an even higher rate.
For example, Golden Haven has an average appreciation rate of 20% per annum. It’s a wise investment option and it’s the best way into the world of investing. The monthly payment is affordable but with a very rewarding appreciation rate.

4.) Pre-need lots are easy to resell.

Pre-need lots are not only for preparation for you and your family’s use in the future. They’re also investment lots that can be sold for a considerable profit.
As pointed out – death is a reality, hence a memorial lot is needed. There is always a demand for memorial lots and with Golden Haven Parks that elevate the standard of what memorial parks should be – you are at the forefront of investing in the most beautiful memorial parks in the country with the highest value appreciation over time.

Here’s a bonus: Reselling is super easy compared to other types of real estate investments. Should you, in the future, already decide to sell your lots, Golden Haven will gladly be of assistance. That is part of our commitment to add more value to your investment.

5.) Pre-need lots are assets and can therefore be used as collaterals.

Memorial lot is also a type of real estate thus has its perks. Some lending institutions even actually accept it as collateral for it’s a tangible asset after all.

It is heartbreaking when there’s an unexpected demise of a beloved one in our family. But it could also be financially draining that places a burden on family members left behind. We cannot control the hands of time, so it is best to prepare and have an investment that has high appreciation value – and with Golden Haven, you can do both!

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