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Posted by Golden Haven on May 11, 2021

Redefining employee experience with “Work from Home” set up or WFH has become more popular during the pandemic. Since it became a solution for employers and employees to mitigate the spread of the virus. Many employees started doing their job from home instead of working in an office. They have shown positive impacts such as more flexibility and better work-life balance that help them perform well.

At present, the majority of the population in the country has been jobless ever since the pandemic started. A lot of Filipinos are looking for opportunities how they can earn money with the given circumstances in today’s time. Office work and business is not the only way you can earn money during these trying times. It also different work from home setup that has been beneficial for a lot of Filipinos. Here are the “Top 5 Work From Home set up jobs that provide high income” that you can do during the pandemic.



Companies have started to embrace digitalization since it empowers their decision-making and overall greater organizational flexibility. The demand for digital marketing strategists is high. The reason is that the world is experiencing a fast pace transformation to digitalization. The majority of the job tasks could be done online which makes it possible for employees to work from home.

Qualifications for the job of digital marketer require a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business, knowledge of social media platforms, problem-solving skills, proficiency in planning and strategy, and it is an edge for those who have experience with managing search engine optimization/ search engine marketing.

The role of a digital marketing strategist focus on content strategy, SEO/SEM, E-commerce, and social networking. The digital marketer is responsible for the content of the company’s website. Also, ensure that the online objectives are achieved. Another significant role of a digital marketer is converting website visits to sales. The website should be easily accessible to the target audience. The success of converting website visits to sales is heavily reliant on SEO/SEM. The digital marketer should also be responsible for the online presence of the brand.

CONTENT WRITER (₱17,000-₱58,000)


Content writing is another form of marketing that companies use to build their brand. The digitized world promotes different jobs that seem to be not that significant before but presently developing significance in distinct industries. The tasks of a content writer are mostly to be done at home since it only includes research, writing, and submission of content which enables the content writer to do it online.

To be a qualified content writer, you must possess excellent writing and editing skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, good research skills, punctuality with deadlines, and an understanding of search engine optimization. A greater understanding of search engine optimization will lead to greater engagement of the readers.

The content writer does a lot of in-depth research on the industry where he/she is assigned and with the gathered information the writer must be able to develop original content that will help to advertise the brand. Besides the content writing, it is also the role of the content writer to proofread some content for errors and inconsistencies. Additionally, the writer will be editing some content to improve its readability to the audience.



The real estate industry has been profitable for many investors over the years, and it is very consistent with its growth since people always need homes and people on the business side need office spaces. With the growing industry of real estate, it demands more people who could help them sell, and some companies do not require you to be a licensed agent to be part of their sellers.

To be a qualified online real estate seller, you must know the brand you are representing, and some of these real estate companies provide an online session that you could also attend to learn more about their company. Some companies also give sellers a kit or information you need when someone asks you about their product. All you need in this type of job is time and effort. Real estate sellers earn through commission, and the more motivated you are to sell their product, the more you can profit.

The role of a real estate seller is to provide clients to the company. Their only task is to explain to the potential buyer their desired property, and once the buyer decides to buy the property, the seller will direct them to the marketing staff, and they will easily earn their commission once the potential buyer buys the property.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (₱20,000-₱30,000)


Businesses are looking for an efficient way to hire an assistant with reduced salary and operating costs. Some assistant jobs do not require you to be a full-time employee, so the companies hire virtual assistants instead of hiring an actual employee to do work in the office.

The majority of some businesses that hire virtual assistants only require a high school qualification from the applicant. However, the applicant must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and proficiency in Microsoft office. The virtual assistant should have a stable internet connection and must be able to respond to emails and calls quickly. Being highly organized will be another factor that companies are considering when hiring a virtual assistant.

The virtual assistant must be able to provide customer service to clients. A typical virtual assistant organizes meetings, manages contact lists, answers phone calls and emails, and creates customer review records. Lastly, the virtual assistant should update the company with everything that they are doing.

ONLINE TEACHER (₱15,000-₱49,000)

In demand Work From Home Job

The development of technology promoted different modes of learning and communication. Companies cannot ignore the advantage of online learning. Some companies are hiring online teachers to teach students from different countries. The majority of online teachers teach English since its widely used throughout the world. Although some online teachers teach other courses, the companies demand more online English teachers.

The companies are looking for an applicant who owns a degree in education with a specialization in English. It can also be someone who previously taught English for more than a year. The company requires that the applicant possess outstanding verbal and communication skills. Lastly, a fast and stable internet connection should be present to have a good experience with the client.

The role of an online teacher is similar to a teacher in the classroom. The only difference is learning will be conducted online. Preparing lessons ahead of time is a must, and the online teacher must be able to develop educational content such as quizzes and presentations. The most important part is the teaching style of the applicant, and it must match the students’ needs since online learning has its advantages and disadvantages.

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About the author:

Zores Miguel Declaro is an intern at Golden MV Holdings, a Financial Management student at De La Salle University Manila.


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