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Top Memorial Parks in the Philippines

Posted by Golden Haven on September 10, 2021

Written by Sunshine A. Garcia, Golden MV Intern

Death is one of the least talked about the topic between family members because it may sound embarrassing to anyone who can hear it. Nobody wants to die young, and everyone wishes to enjoy their lives but, discussing this kind of matter is not a good idea for all people. Everything in this world is temporary and preparing for death is a smart way to live. The hardest part of being a living creature is to experience passing away since it is a part of life so, choosing the best death care plan is the best choice to help your loved ones lessen their pain and confusion on how to handle your loss emotionally and financially when the time comes you will leave this world.

Top Memorial Parks in the Philippines

  • Golden Haven Memorial Park
  • The Heritage Park (Taguig City)
  • Loyola Memorial Park
  • Forest Lake Memorial Park
  • Eternal Gardens Memorial Park
  • Everest Hills Memorial Park

Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of private cemeteries or memorial parks to choose from such as;

The Heritage Park (Taguig City)

Top Memorial Park in the Philippines

The Heritage Park was first introduced in the year 2001 and was currently owned by Philplans. Philplans is one of the leading financial institutions here in the Philippines that offers education, pension, and memorial programs. It is located at C5 Taguig City and has a 76-hectare land area.

The memorial park also launches its mortuary and crematory in the year 2004 to provide the different needs of its customers.

Here are the memorial lots offered by The Heritage Park;

•             Lawn lot

•             Family Garden Lot

•             Private Estate lot

•             Private Mausoleum

Forest Lake Memorial Park

 Forest Lake Memorial Park was owned by Landco Pacific Corporation and launched its first memorial Park in 1997 at Zamboanga City. For over 24 years, Forest Lake has had more than 30 parks nationwide in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The amenities of the memorial park are;

Multi-purpose halls, gazebo and trellis, beautifully designed signage, and the Mediterranean-inspired gates and guardhouse.

They offer multiple products like;

•             Lawn Lot

•             Mini Mausoleum

•             Estate Lot

•             Legacy Lot

Eternal Gardens Memorial Park

On August 11, 1976, the “Eternal Gardens is one of the pioneers in the Philippine memorial care industry. It was founded by Ambassador Antonio L. Cabangon Chua that develops the first-class memorial parks in Dagupan (1983) and opened 11 branches all over the country. For almost 40 years, the Eternal Gardens Memorial Park has had excellent facilities to match the customer’s satisfaction.

Here are the Memorial Lots offered by the Eternal Gardens;

•             Lawn Lot- with 1 meter by 2.44 meters property

•             Garden Lot

•             Heritage Estate- Sold per block minimum of 12 lots.

•             Family Estate- Sold per block with minimum of 18 lots

•             Crypt

Everest Hills Memorial Park

Everest Hills Memorial Park was founded by the Vasquez-Madrigal group of companies and a subsidiary of Peak Development that has wide acres of trees, a beautiful landscape, and a s

ecured environment to encourage the families to visit their deceased loved ones more often than usual. It also has a 100-hectare property and for more than 20 years, there are 2 branches of Everest Hills which are located at Susana Heights, Muntinlupa City, and Mapagong Calamba, Laguna.

Here are the memorial products of Everest Hills Memorial Park;

•             Lawn lots

•             Memorial Court

•             Presidential Court

•             Family Estate

Loyola Memorial Park

Top Memorial Park in the Philippines

The Loyola Memorial Park was introduced in 1965 and was one of the first to introduce the practice of lawn burials. The man behind the development of Loyola Memorial Park is Mr. Gil Puyat that comes from a prominent family of business clans. Before it was named Loyola, Mr. Puyat builds another branch of his memorial park in Sucat, and Marikina City. The Marikina branch was also covered by the land area of Loyola Heights in Quezon City that’s why it was later named after the location. It was also one of the largest memorial parks in the City of Manila that covers a land area of 36,000 square meters.

 Golden Haven Memorial Park

Top Memorial Park in the Philippines - Golden Haven Memorial Park

Golden Haven Memorial Park is founded by the Former Senate President Mr. Manuel Villar Jr. In 1984 to provide a premier death care service and hailed as the largest and most beautiful memorial park in the Philippines with over 30 branches nationwide. It has the most complete death care provider in our country that offers a unique and superior service to give the best care for your deceased loved ones when it comes from value for money, quality service, beautiful and serene parks that consists of landscaped gardens, paved walkways, water fountains, and extraordinary architectural designs. These are the amazing amenities of Golden Haven Memorial Park and this is just a preview of their astonishing service that caters to the unending needs of the customers.

There are a lot of choices you can select are as follows;

•             Lawn Lot – Suitable for two on a 2.5 square meter lot

•             Mausoleum (Family Estate)- Measuring 30 square meter

•             Garden Lot- With three or more adjacent lawn lots that can accommodate 6 or more on a 7.5 sqm area.

•             Family Patio

Golden Haven also offers other memorial services:

•             Restoration and Make-up

•             Hearse Rental

•             Flower Arrangements

•             Storage Rental

•             Engraving

Other memorial products that our chapel offers:

•             Urns

•             Cremation Service

•             Caskets

•             Accessories

•             Necklace Keepsakes

•             Bangles Keepsakes

•             Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog

What is the Largest Cemetery in the Philippines?

There are many popular cemeteries here in the Philippines and behind those structures, it tells the rich history of how it was built, be it the oldest, unusual, and extravagant. Cemeteries are the final resting place where our deceased loved ones are laid to rest but behind the silent ambiance, some of underprivileged families were forced to live alongside the dead for years because of poverty and lack of opportunities to afford to buy their own houses. An example of the graveyard living inside the cemetery slums of Manila was one of the oldest and largest Cemeteries in the Metropolis, The Manila North Cemetery. From the Largest Public cemetery in the Metro, we also have the largest developer of magnificent Memorial Parks in the Philippines, the Golden Haven Memorial Park has over 35 projects in 32 locations across the country. Here are the fun facts about the Golden Haven Memorial Park and Manila North Cemetery:

Golden Haven Memorial Park

What is the Largest Cemetery in the Philippines?
Golden Haven Memorial Parks

The Philippines Largest Developer in the matter of giving the finest death care services and the first and only death care company listed under the Philippine Stock Exchange. Golden Haven Memorial Park has a Spanish Architectural design that adds to the elegant and overseas vibe like the branch in Golden Haven Cagayan De Oro, which has the Replica of Christ, the Redeemer Status (originally found at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

The memorial park isn’t just an eye-catcher but also has a sustainable way of keeping the environment healthy by keeping the area full of flourishing trees and greens to help the visitors feel relaxed, reduce their stress levels, and anxiety with the help of refreshing air of Mother Earth. Golden Haven assures the safety of our ecosystem and its inhabitants by considering the protection of nature. The company always looks at the possible alternatives not to contribute to the destruction of our surroundings, unlike the other companies that only want is to earn profits.

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Manila North Cemetery

What is the purpose of a memorial park?

The cemetery is owned by the Manila City Government with the size of 54 hectares (130 acres) located in Santa Cruz, Metro Manila. The cemetery was formerly known as Cementerio del Norte (1904) and was once part of La Loma Cemetery. It is also known as Paang Bundok where Dr. Jose Rizal chose his burial place before his execution. The remains of former Presidents, historians, and known celebrities are buried in this cemetery like;

•             Sergio Osmena (1978-1961) 4th President of the Philippines

•             Manuel Roxas (1892-1948) 5th President of the Philippines

•             Ramon Magsaysay (1907-1957) 7th President of the Philippines

•             Alfredo Lim (1929-2020) Former Manila Mayor, NBI Director, DILG Secretary, and Senator

•             Fernando Poe Jr. (Ronald Allan Kelly Poe) (1939-2004) Movie Actor, 2004 Presidential Candidate, National Artist.

•             Epifanio Delos Santos 1871-1928) Historian and Former Statesman/ EDSA was named after him.

A Cemetery is a place where we can visit our beloved deceased family or friends that once bring good memories into our lives even if their existence in this world is shorter than we expect. We must always remember them BY sending prayers for their soul and keeping their memories alive.

What is the purpose of a memorial park?

The cost of living is way more expensive than the cost of dying. Typically, here in our country, death is one of the scary and most avoided issues because Filipinos are very conservative when they talked about it. During this time of the pandemic, many people have lost their lives and it also affected our daily routine. For almost 1 year and a half, the COVID-19 cases here in the Philippines are continuously rising so, we must accept the fact that all of us will experience the end of life, and being an open book to this discussion is a clever idea to embrace the cycle of our existence in this world.

Deathcare providers have different pricing when it comes to memorial lots. Memorial lots price depends on the location of the lot is at the province or city. The most affordable cemetery lot will cost around 35,000 pesos above and the most expensive lot may range with a whopping 2,000,000 pesos and up. Golden Haven Memorial Park provides a complete and multiple choices of death care services nationwide. Why settle for less? If there is a memorial park that will serve the best assistance for you and your family in terms of estate investment. It also comes up with a new service for family estate owners to choose their Mausoleum design for free.

Yes, death is an uncomfortable issue but, it is good to have an open mind to be prepared for it because we can’t predict how long our life is. Having a memorial plan is a wise decision to lessen the burden of your family once you’ll leave them behind.

It isn’t bad to be prepared for your death. A memorial plan is an investment that you can use when the time comes that you have to leave this world, no one could live forever and we must accept the fact that the eternal life is in heaven at the hands of our God, our savior.

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