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Undas 2021: Forever Happy Place (Memories Week 2021)

Story 1: "Dear Kuya"

Tristan and Timothy were inseparable since they were kids. Tristan, the younger brother, however, had complications with his health since birth. His older brother Timothy was his only bestfriend that he looks up to since then.

By the time Tristan was in highschool, things got a little complicated because of his health. He needed to undergo procedures from time to time. Timothy decided to work abroad to help financially and sustain his younger brother’s medical needs.

Unfortunately, Tristan did not make it before Timothy returned home. He left a letter for him and asked for his one last wish. His wish was to be in a paradise where he and his brother will forever be remembered. It was a place under a tree where they mostly talk about their future and their promise to be each other’s bestfriends.

Inspired by a real-life story of a Golden Haven Investor

Story 2: "Pag-Ibig na Walang Hanggan"

Clyde Villamayor is an ideal son for his mother, Carol Villamayor. Carol Villamayor was a single mother.  All the love she can give to Carlo reflects on how good Carlo grew as a man.

Before Clyde’s wedding day, he got up early, dressed his best suit, brought his mother’s favorite flowers, and prepared his long confession of love to her. As he walks to the park to meet his mother, he reminisces all the memories he had with her, and all the life lessons she taught him.

Upon arriving, he confesses how grateful he is to be his son and to have a mother like Carol. He thanked her for raising him as if they were a complete family and then regrets that when the time that he already wants to build a family, his mom, unfortunately, died of heart failure. He promised that all the things she taught him will be forever treasured and that the family he will build will also be full of love just like how she raised him. He left her tomb with her favorite flowers and looked up the sky while remembering his mom’s beautiful face.

Inspired by a real-life story of a Golden Haven Investor

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