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10 Practical Christmas Gifts

Posted by Regine Louise Mendoza on December 16, 2022

After a blink of an eye, it’s that time of the year again – the season of giving! 

Offering and giving gifts to the people we love does not mean we have to go all out on our money and savings. Although gifts are always welcomed, we must ensure that our gifts won’t go to waste. When buying a gift, we have to ask ourselves, “Will they use this?”. Practical gifts are functional and save us money since they won’t go to waste.

Here are some suggestions and ideas for a practical Christmas gift that will surely be treasured and greatly appreciated by its recipients.

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Gift Cards 

Gift Cards are the perfect gift to give, especially to someone you do not know well. It’s the easiest to buy but, at the same time, convenient! Many gift cards are available from clothing shops to restaurants and cafes. To add your personal touch, buy a gift card from your favorite cafe or clothing store and share your joy with the recipient.

Home Appliances 

Another great gift idea is home appliances. This can be one of the most practical gifts you can get (especially for moms). From digital air fryers to solar-powered electric fans and microwaves, it’s really up to you! And, of course, up to what your recipient needs.


Similar to gift cards, Cash is also another “gift of choice.” This is almost everyone’s universal gift card. What makes it a good gift is that the recipient can cWhat’swhether to spend it on his wish list or save it for something else.  

Bundled Common Day-to-Day Items 

What’s more practical and better than bundled gifts? Not only are they sold in good gift packages, but they are also much cheaper than retail-sold items! You can always find good day-to-day bundled items in supermarkets or malls. Just look for something useful.  

Something Edible 

Smells like Christmas! Baked cookies, fruit cakes, or chocolate crinkles, what’s a sweeter way to say Happy Holidays? Order from your local shops and ask them if they have cute holiday packaging where you can put your greetings. You can also customize stickers to insert when giving them out.  

Pre-Need Plans (Insurance, Memorial Life Plans) 

Giving out Insurance Plans or Memorial Life Plans as gifts is so underrated! Pre-need plans can be the most practical gift you can get, especially for a family member. Get your children an educational plan, or maybe ask your financial/life partner what’s the best policy you can get. Pre-need companies like Golden Future Plans, Inc. offer good Memorial Life Plans you can get for your parents or your partner.

Handmade Items  

Another thoughtful and practical gift you can give is handmade items. If you’re artsy and good at painting, why not create a masterpiece for your loved ones? Or better yet, learn something new and make a knitted wallet or keychain for a friend. It’s up to your creativity; effort and thought count!  


Although clothes sound a little overrated, they are practical gifts. Clothing can be used daily for school, office, or home. If you are planning to gift clothes, make sure to get the accurate size. If unsure, ask the store if they can replace the size and how many days they allot until the item replacement is valid.

Personal Use Gadgets  

Speakers, power banks, or headphones are great Christmas gifts, especially for the Millenials and Gen Z. These gadgets are not part of a person’s necessity, so it’s an excellent gift idea that can surely put a smile on the recipient of the gift. And no worries because there are a lot of budget gadgets you can get that are worth the price.  

Health Essentials  

Last but not least, we all want everybody to stay healthy at this time of the year. So why not look for health essentials you could put in a box and give as a gift set? From vitamins, essential oils, and ointments to everyday medicines, they’ll make a good gift!  

If there’s anything that could make your loved ones happy, it’s the thought and effort you put into your gift. Getting them something that can be useful and practical is a must, especially if it’s something that they can treasure and make use of in the future. So do not hesitate and get them that long-wanted air fryer or pre-need plan already.

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