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5 Reasons Why Family Fight After a Death 

Posted by Golden Haven on December 28, 2022

In the unfortunate event of a family member’s death, the grief and burden of the loss are dealt with by the family. A great support system is essential in ensuring that everyone can properly cope and move on from death. However, many instances exist when a family member’s death causes a rift within the family instead of bringing them closer together. 

If affairs are set in order before the death, complications can be very much avoided. Below are some of the most common reasons why family fight after the death of a loved one.

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Money is the primary cause of the problems that arise after the death of a loved one. The biggest reason why the family fight is because of inheritance. More often, they fight over money and estates. Some family members feel they are more entitled than others, or some believe that a certain heir is undeserving. People still tend to fight even if the money and estates are distributed through a will. However, with a will, the wishes of the deceased are clearly stated, and the lawyer shall follow through with it. The family will eventually respect the wishes of the departed. If properties, assets, and money are left without a will, the family fight will surely be much bigger.  


Suppose the departed did not leave anything behind, not even anything to cover the funeral expenses or the hospital bills. In that case, there is a huge possibility that the family will fight over who will settle the costs. Since everyone has their priorities and expenses to cover, having the unexpected responsibility to pay funeral or hospital bills is daunting.  


Before death, there are instances when family members make judgments or calls for medical procedures. Pulling the plug on a comatose patient or deciding the type of surgery to perform are tough decisions. Even with the best of intentions, other family members could easily question our decisions, especially if the outcome of the decision was not what they preferred. Assigning a medical power of attorney creates reassurance among family members that the patient very much welcomes the person who decided their decisions.  

Funeral Organization 

In times of grief, it is challenging for people to be productive. Families who mourn the loss of a loved one are in no condition to manage funeral arrangements. Considering most of the family members are grieving intensely, it is difficult for them to manage a stressful funeral organization. If there is enough budget, getting a premium and hassle-free service allows family members to focus on healing and reminiscing beautiful memories with the departed. DIY organizations cause a lot of stress and may end up creating more expenses that saving 


Children or dependents previously under the care of the departed are then left without a guardian. Custody is tricky since the departed could not assign a guardian through a will as the court will not honor this. If there is no one in the family interested in the orphaned children, they will be sent to the shelter and will be up for adoption. If more than one party is interested in the orphaned children, it will start a lengthy and messy custody battle. This affects the relationship between the family and might even create a permanent strain on their relationships.  

Adequate planning while we are still living is beneficial in the event of our unlikely passing. Planning helps ensure that things will remain in order when we leave this earth. A word to the wise, ensure that all your affairs are settled, as we will never know when our time is up.  

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