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5 Ways to Support a Grieving Friend or Family Member During the Funeral Planning Process

Posted by Golden Haven on February 22, 2023

The loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience. In addition to dealing with the grief and pain of the loss, there is also the added stress of planning a funeral or memorial service. If you have a friend or family member who is going through this process, you may be wondering how you can help. Here are five ways to support a grieving loved one during the funeral planning process.

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Offer Your Presence

One of the most important things you can do is simply be there for your loved one. Offer to go with them to the funeral home or to help with any necessary arrangements. Even if you’re not sure what to say, just being there and showing your support can make a huge difference. Of all the things you can do to support a grieving loved one during the funeral planning process, perhaps the most important is simply being present. The loss of a loved one can feel overwhelming and isolating, and just having someone there to offer support can be incredibly comforting.


Grieving individuals often need a sounding board to express their feelings and thoughts. Be there to listen without judgment and allow your loved one to express their emotions without interruption. Don’t be afraid to sit in silence together, sometimes just being present is enough.

Avoid the urge to offer unsolicited advice or try to “fix” their problems. Instead, focus on actively listening and validating their emotions. This can mean nodding in understanding, offering a simple “I hear you,” or simply sitting in silence together.

It’s also important to remember that grief is a complex and messy process, and everyone experiences it differently. Your loved one may have good days and bad days, and their emotions may fluctuate over time. By being a compassionate and non-judgmental listener, you can help your loved one feel heard and supported throughout their grief journey.

Help with Practical Tasks

There are a lot of practical tasks that need to be done during the funeral planning process, such as making phone calls or coordinating with family members. Offer to help with these tasks or take them on yourself if your loved one is feeling overwhelmed. This can relieve some of the stress of the situation and allow your loved one to focus on processing their emotions.

Send Thoughtful Gestures

Small gestures can go a long way in showing your love and support. Consider sending a thoughtful card, flowers, or a meal delivery service to help make things easier for your loved one. These gestures show that you’re thinking of them during this difficult time.

Provide Ongoing Support

The funeral planning process is just the beginning of a grieving person’s journey. Continue to check in on your loved one in the weeks and months following the funeral. Offer to be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on whenever they need it. Remember that grieving is a long and complicated process, and your loved one will need ongoing support and care.

The funeral planning process is an emotional and difficult experience for grieving families. With your support, your loved one can feel less alone and better equipped to navigate the challenges of the funeral planning process. What maybe considered as small actions to us can make a great impact to them.

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