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8 Places you need to visit in Iriga City

Posted by Golden Haven on August 16, 2021

8 Places you need to visit in Iriga City written by Golden Haven Memorial Park Iriga Marketing

The Philippines nestles over 7,000 islands nationwide that undeniably offer unending adventures and perfect mixes of experiences with nature, culture, views, and other gems that could be found beneath, especially in the quiet and small but idyllic paradise of Iriga City.

Iriga City is known for its abundance of springs scattered across the city and is also rich in culture and devotion. Apparently, the best places you can visit in the city of springs are highly-leveled lands such as hills and mountains. Irigueneos enjoy hiking and elevated infrastructures as proof of celebrating their city’s origin. Iriga was once a vista of Nabua, Provincia de Ambos Camarines. Because of the disastrous floods that occurred during rainy seasons in suburban Poblacion of Nabua, the flood victim moved to I-raga (donde hay tierra or where there is land), a higher land where they can plant their crops without the fear of being flooded. And thus, the essence of the Tinagba Festival, the reenactment of a pagan ritual of offering the best produce of the land. Other than history, Iriga city also has beautiful parks and other tourist attractions that people can explore.

A ten-hour travel time from the bustling city of Manila is definitely worth it when you see the magnificent ways of living that are encapsulated in the grandiose beauty of Iriga. This place could be overwhelming and deciding on where to go first could be daunting. To help you out, we’ve prepared a shortlist of the best places to visit in Iriga City that you could highly consider in your next ultimate trip.

Best Places to Visit in Iriga City

  • Calvario Hill and Emerald Grotto

Address: San Francisco, Iriga City, close to the town proper (“centro”), right behind the Ibalon Hotel

Emerald Grotto sits at Calvario Hill. The hill was believed to have been the lair of the most feared “Aswang”.  After its evangelization, the hill became the site for staging “Pagtanggal”, the Iriga folk version of the re-enactment of the Passion of Christ, hence, the name “Calvario Hill”. The grotto faces Mt. Iriga offers a bird’s eye view of the city’s central business district. This is where the Tinagba Festival culminates with the offering of the first and freshest harvest.

  • Iriga City Park

Address: San Roque, Iriga City

At night, the heart of the city is illuminated by the newly refurbished Iriga City Park. The park provides security to people who want to stroll, work out, or visit the parish at night. Situated in front of Parroquia y Santuario Archiodiocesano de San Antonio de Padua, you will find the Character Walk that showcases the 12 Core Values of the city. As you pass through the lampposts and cozy cobblestones, you’ll be witnessing 6 sculptures made by an Irigeneo artist, Al Oliva.

The city takes pride in Bicol’s first World-Class dancing musical fountain. Spectators flock to watch multi-colored jets of water sway and spout in sync with the beat of the music.

  • llian Hill

Address: San Nicolas, Iriga City

At its foot is a tribe of Agta, who quaintly have preserved a modified version of the French Quadrille, the Lancero de Iriga, and natives’ performance of “rinampo”, a war dance imitating wild roosters in combat. The Ilian Hill settlement provides a glimpse of some aspects of the acculturated life of the Aetas.

Ilian Hill, an idyllic elevation right at the slopes of Mount Iriga and home to the Agta-Tabangnon ethnic group, a gently vanishing race.

  • Gawad Kalinga Character Village

Address: Brgy. Perpetual Help, Iriga City

Most of us may know Gawad Kalinga Community Development, Inc.’s vision to eradicate poverty, and the country and Iriga City was given the opportunity to help the less fortunate. Gawad Kalinga Character Village was unitedly built by volunteers that eventually became its residents. It is situated atop a hill specially provided for the homeless Irigeneos. If you’re looking for a colorful and quirky tourist spot, Character Village’s hundred candy-coated homes may be your best bet.

  • Sabang and Tubigan Falls

Address: Brgy. Tubigan, Iriga City

The magnificent falls found in Waras River cascading at a splendid height of 15 feet and 15 km from the city proper are Sabang and Tubigan. Tubigan Falls is only 2 km away and its tiered waterfalls cascade at 24 feet.  The cold spring water entices visitors for a swim during summertime.

  • Sarikaw

Address: Found along the highway between the boundary of Iriga and Buhi

If you are a rock formation enthusiast, you are likely to visit Sarikaw.  Sarikaw is the legendary hunter whom local folklore says was transformed into a stone by a mountain goddess as a punishment for Sarikaw’s intrusion into her abode. Shaped like a man and a dog, Sarikaw’s monolith is located along the roadway towards Buhi town.

  • Inorogan Shrine

Address: Atop a hill in sitio Inorogan, Sto. Domingo, Iriga City

The shrine houses the image of the Blessed Mother and Her Son dubbed as “Nuestra Señora de Angustia” which was blessed by Pope John Paul in 1981.

Inorogan Shrine commemorates the miraculous escape from death and destruction by the residents at the foot of Mt. Iriga during its 1614 eruption. The miracle is largely believed to be the work of the Virgin Mary, whose image as Our Lady of Augustia was said to have been found by three Aeta hunters at the present site of the shrine.

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Manmade Lagoon and Greeneries

Aside from these jaw-dropping places with breathtaking views, Iriga also has a beautiful memorial park that could also be short-listed as one of the best attractions in town. Golden Haven Memorial Parks prides itself as a leading name in the country’s death care industry. Its parks exhibit the finest and timeless architectural designs from the most iconic places across the world. These details seamlessly blend the natural scenic beauty of the vast landscapes of the Philippines. Golden Haven Memorial parks also assure to deliver as the gateway to some of the best-known destinations around the globe that evoke grandeur and unique experiences to every visitor, bringing them closer to their loved ones.

Dubbed as the most beautiful memorial park in the Philippines, Golden haven, will soon be witnessed in the beautiful city of Iriga. Golden Haven Memorial Parks is the largest memorial developer in the country today with more than 30 locations nationwide.

These places hammering to the top as the best tourist attractions in Iriga City are nothing short of spectacular. Once a sound and sleepy sanctuary in the Bicol region, Iriga now is one of the most loved homes of travelers who want to find themselves away from the stress and striking lights of the metro.


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