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The beauty of cremation in preserving the memories of your dearly departed

Posted by Golden Haven on August 14, 2021

The beauty of cremation in preserving the memories of your dearly departed written by: John Prosper Matedios

Staying ahead of the game is a smart idea, especially when it comes to death. Preparing for what is inevitable and imminent is not a means of avoiding death, but rather a means of ensuring a decent and peaceful dying. Some people would be scared by the prospect; everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die yet. Nonetheless, as dismal as it may sound, life’s facts are only confronted by the brave.

Many people had died during these trying times. It’s impossible to bear seeing individuals we care about pass away. The best thing we can do is give them the proper burial they deserve.

What is the true cost of a life lost?

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Traditional Burial

Losing a loved one is difficult emotionally and financially, especially if the person passes away unexpectedly. It is not cheap to die in the Philippines. Death always finds a way to our doorway, when we are least prepared, regardless of how much money we have. To die entails incurring the following costs.

The beauty of cremation

Certificate of Death

There are two types of death certificates: public and private. Death registration is, without a doubt, the beginning of funeral costs, which range from PHP150 to PHP500. Prepare for the next round of costs after they’ve been issued.

Clothing and casket

To safeguard the body, caskets are intended to endure wound conditions. The cost of a casket is mostly determined by the material it is made of. There are four main types of caskets available. It is usually quite costly. When selecting a casket, it’s crucial to keep your budget in mind.

Wooden coffins cost at least 3000 pesos. If it’s made out of a rare wood, it’ll be more expensive.

Metal caskets, on the one hand, are expected to cost between PHP16 000 and PHP35 000. However, because some caskets are made of imported metals and other materials, expect to pay at least PHP75 000 or more if you choose a stainless steel or bronze casket. Not to mention that the size taken into account could be a factor in the price difference.

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The amount spent on the deceased’s attire will be largely determined by the style and materials selected. If you prefer barong gowns and shirts, you may expect to pay anywhere from PHP 1000 to PHP 3000, or even more. The manner in which the corpse is dressed is significant because some people believe that this will be their attire in the afterlife.

Wake and Funeral Service

Viewings of the funeral wake and ceremony can be held at a community chapel. Furthermore, relatives can purchase mortuary care packages ranging from PHP8 000 to PHP500 000, depending on the package they choose. These packages include lights and flowers, and the viewing setup can be of home or funeral parlor. For the majority of Filipino families, homes are a less expensive alternative to funerary care packages. It is more intimate, yet additional costs can be incurred. The cost of food should be factored into the budget. The length of the wake, the type of food served, and the total number of guests are all factors to consider when planning a food budget of PHP3 000 more.

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Burial Service Cost

In the Philippines, there are many memorial lots to choose from. It is very fashionable nowadays, but it is also quite expensive. The cost of a memorial lot might range from PHP1 000 to PHP10 million. In addition, transportation, security, and possibly live music would cost at least PHP5 000 for a funeral service. It costs between PHP15 000 and PHP40 000 to dig up a lawn. Other fees, such as burial registration, run between 150 and 500 pesos. Burial-related services are something for which you should plan ahead of time.

Crematorium in Metro Manila 2

How much does a traditional funeral cost in total? In terms of math, it’s completely out of your league. Is there a more cost-effective way to die? Cremation is your best option.

Why cremation is a good burial alternative?

At the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, cremation became common. Filipinos are gradually coming to terms with cremation as a means of last disposition. Burial had been a component of custom regardless of variations in belief, culture, rank, or tradition. For many Filipinos, however, cremation is becoming a viable option due to practical considerations.

Why cremation is a good burial alternative?

Simple Planning

Cremation is a more convenient option than a traditional burial. There are no longer numerous arrangements to be made among relatives and family members. 

Low Cost

The primary reason for considering cremation is the cost. Cremation is significantly less expensive than a traditional burial. While the average cost of traditional burial in the Philippines is PHP 150 000, the average cost of cremation in the country is PHP 60 000, which includes the cost of the casket, cremation process, and urn, saving you thousands of pesos. Cremated remains are usually placed in urns and placed in columbariums, mausoleum niches, scattering gardens, or cremation benches and sanctuaries. In the Philippines, a columbarium can cost up to PHP 100 000.

Cremation packages in Golden Haven start at PHP 45 000 and go up to PHP 400 000, while columbarium packages start at PHP 38 000 and go up to PHP 400 000, depending on location and package type. Before the cremation process, the family can rent or purchase a casket for the chapel services.


Although some people oppose cremation due to religious reasons, when it comes to death, it is not only emotionally draining but also financially straining. We need to give our loved ones the peaceful rest they deserve without making them feel anxious or uncomfortable about money. Now is the time to talk about death. It behooves us to stay ahead of the game and prepare for what is undeniably on the horizon. There is no amount of money that can compensate for the lives of our family members and friends who have died. The burial service would be the most heartfelt way we could show our immense love before they go on to another journey, and it would stand the test of time as if they had never left.

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