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Cebu Is Your Next Prime Investment Opportunity

Posted by Golden Haven on February 3, 2022

Cebu and all the potential investment opportunities have never been more appealing. If you are a budding investor or an experienced one for that matter, this list is here to guide you.

It is a general rule of thumb in investment: learn before you pay. You don’t go to war without the required weapons. That is like walking headfirst to your demise. Investments follow the same train of thought. Understanding a number of things is essential for you to succeed in the field.

So what makes Cebu appealing as an investment of choice right now? A number of factors contribute to this.

Remarkable Tourism

The Philippines is an impressive country with myriads of breathtaking destinations and locations. The contributions of Cebu in the tourism industry is nothing to scoff at. And it’s not surprising, really. Not only does Cebu serve as a cultural and historical hotspot for the country, it also boasts some of the most beautiful destinations for locals and tourists alike.

The beauty of Bantayan Island and its beaches for example, especially its breathtaking sunsets, contends even that of Boracay – minus the overcrowding. This place is not as commercialized as the other famous beaches in the country. That is why you can relax to the fullest on your stay within the confines of the island.

Cebu Tourist Destination

If you are more into adventures and wildlife appreciation, you will absolutely enjoy the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. This place offers visitors exceptional immersion with nature with its collection of more than 100 species of animals, adventure rides, shows, a sky bike, and a zipline course! Bloggers and travel experts recommend this especially if you are an adrenaline junkie.

On the extreme end, if you really are itching for something extraordinary, you may want to experience for yourself Malapascua Island. Herein, you can take a dive with various marine creatures, even the thresher sharks! How impressive is that?! That’s something you don’t experience every day, for sure!

Tactical Location

Geographically speaking, Cebu is a trading hotspot. It is literally in the middle of the country: you have access to Luzon going north and Mindanao going south. On a business vantage point, I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial this is for you. And as stated above, the impeccable tourism industry in the region makes things much more appealing. More tourists equals more people equals more business opportunities.

Aside from that, Metro Cebu is the second largest metropolitan area in the country next to Metro Manila. As many of us know, population density in NCR reached an all-time high. People find it difficult to afford space. That is why Metro Cebu has become the target of big shots in real estate development on recent years. As of this writing, Cebu is second when it comes to the number of condominiums built and occupancy. The growth rate of condominiums development and occupancy promises investment growth.

And on top of that, do you know what’s more exciting to think about? The prices of said condominium units are much cheaper than their counterparts in NCR (Makati or Mandaluyog). Given the track record and historical data, experts assume that prices will skyrocket in the future. And this attracts investor interest and opportunities.

Surge in the Economy

The I.T. and B.P.O. industries in Cebu are great contributors to economic success of the region. Cebu is a prime zone for BPO services and investment. It even overpassed prominent cities such as Tokyo and Singapore when it comes to innovation and digitalization of BPO services.

Because of this opportunities, there had been a surge in job creation and employment. The more jobs there are in the area, the better its economy is. It also paved way to the increase in leasing opportunities for property owners. More than half of all leased space are occupied by BPO related companies.

Moreover, international opportunities are ripe for the taking. The newly opened Mactan-Cebu International Airport flies people to and from the Philippines. International investments are fair game and should present our countrymen with additional benefits.

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So Why Invest In Cebu?

Investors should always keep tabs on prime investment locations in the country. The rewards of investment are always long term in nature. Should Cebu follow the footsteps of Manila, the potential income of investors are only as high as the risks they are willing to take and the immediacy of their actions. The records are there for you to crunch. Numbers don’t lie, my dear friend.

There are multiple options available for you. If you are unsure how to proceed, you can always check our guide here for beginners. Residential and condo properties are always nice to have because of their corresponding value appreciation that is inherent in the industry. However, as many of you know, we are advocates of memorial lot investments. We prepared another guide for you regarding this topic.


Regardless of the type of investment you are eyeing, the idea still stands and all the evidence points toward that direction. Cebu is your next investment hotspot. Get your gears rolling and get to know more about the latest product offerings from this amazing city!

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