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Creative Funeral Decoration Ideas to Celebrate a Loved One’s Life

Posted by Golden Haven on June 16, 2022

A loved one’s death can give you the excruciating pain of a thousand cuts. It may take years, if not a lifetime, for you to recover from the extreme sadness caused by the fact of being abandoned by someone close to your heart. But the much sadder fact ensues from that situation–you have no other choice but to move forward. It’s a pill that is hard to swallow; the world of the living, unfortunately, does not stop from running for the sake of the deceased. Thus, for as long as you live, you carry with you such a miserable event as a dark pit that will forever be embedded in your mind wherever you go. 

It is, however, safe to assume that your loved one who just departed would not want to see you spending the rest of your life shedding buckets of tears. The memories made while still alive are the legacy that he/she would want to be remembered for. No one would be delighted to be remarked as someone who launched thousands of frowning faces in their untimely passing. 

Hence, the solemn occasion for commemorating the precious moments of the deceased in this world. It has been a norm to set aside a time on or after the wake of someone who passed away for the people who are close to him/her to gather in a certain space and recollect their memories with him/her. It’s a core memory that anyone would like to bring upon crossing over to the afterlife.

With that said, here are some creative ideas that you may want to consider when thinking of the possible funeral decorations and ornaments in commemoration of your loved one’s precious journey in this earthly place:

1. Flower arrangements

flower arrangement

The most common ornaments associated with funeral services are flower arrangements. But that does not mean that it has to be tedious or unappealing. By making use of flowers of various sizes, and shapes, you can go far and beyond the traditional. These decorations instantly imply the significance of commemorating a certain event, as it was something that should not be absent in celebrations and occasions. 

You can base the motif of the collective arrangement on the personality of the decedent–you can go for an analogous, monochromatic, or triadic color palette for the floral patterns to set either a joyous or solemn ambiance in the room. As long as a specific overall tone desired for the occasion is consensual to everyone who will partake, you are more than welcome to push through with it.

2. Candle displays

candle displays

Alongside flowers, candles are also included in the priority list of ornaments in celebrations of any sort. They resonate with calming energy, especially on occasions such as funeral services that are emotionally charged in nature. Coming in different colors and scents, each of them is associated with a particular message or desire concerning the essence of the gathering as imposed by certain religions.

Oftentimes, they are lit and put at the tables of the guests that were invited to the event. But to twist things, you can offer candles at the front desk for everyone who will be partaking in the occasion and ask the attendees to take them home, so they may light them whenever they are praying for/commemorate the spirit of the deceased. In that way, the presence of your loved one reaches a farther extent.

3. Strings of favorite photos

string of photos

In upbeat celebrations like thanksgiving parties, strings of photos are often found hanging within the vicinity of the event area. The rationale behind doing so is for anyone roaming around to see memories caught by the camera’s lens. Similarly, the very idea can be applied in funeral services as you commemorate the bright moments of your beloved in the world of the living. In this regard, everyone who will come and see his/her wake can witness still and candid shots of someone very dear in their hearts.

To make it more engaging, you may ask for photo submissions from the attendees of the event. You can further maximize the use of these pictures by inserting a portion in a main program wherein all/some participants will be called to share the story behind their favorite photo with the deceased. This can help recollect memories and enlighten the overall mood of the audience amid a solemn and bittersweet situation.

4. An altar of favorites


You can also consider allotting a particular space in the venue wherein the material things of the decedent. In this manner, everyone who will attend the funeral service will be reminded of the kind of life their loved one has had in his/her time in this world, from being a clumsy toddler to an accomplished professional. It offers a glimpse of the deceased’s lifetime in brief.

In particular, your loved one’s favorite photos, keepsakes, awards, movie or band posters, shirts, and so on can be included on the centerpiece for display. This initiative serves as a tribute to the spirit of your loved one–that, as you bid your farewell to him/her, you do it with the things that he/she loved the most.

5. A memory wall

photo wall

Another creative yet poignant idea for funeral services of any sort is a memory wall. It can be as simple as a large paper taped on the walls of the event area, wherein attendees can write their messages and wishes for the decedent or make doodles about their memories with him/her. At the end of the ceremony, you and your family can bring home a token of massive appreciation for your loved one–signifying how well-loved he/she is by everyone else.

A poster can also be provided if there is a higher budget for decorations. The picture of your loved one, printed in large sizes, can be the canvas where people can leave their messages for him/her. Another insightful way of being a memory wall is creating it online–by crafting a memorial website, everything that they can say towards your beloved can stay in cyberspace forever–not to mention how cost-effective and innovative it is as a stand-alone idea. 

As these ornamental ideas insinuate a delightful vibe for the celebration, you must remember the essence of pushing through such a ceremony in the first place–you must remember how your loved one’s life has become a well-lived one in this world. As gloomy as trying times such as this may get, you may not want to paint the image of your beloved in a dark tone and leave it as his/her parting memory. As you come to a close of a chapter, do your best to end it as tranquil as it should be.

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