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Debunking Cremation Myths

Posted by Regine Louise Mendoza on September 19, 2023

In a world where traditions and customs often define our way of life, it’s crucial to understand the truth behind certain practices, even those as deeply personal as cremation. This article will be debunking cremation myths by providing factual information that will be helpful for deciding individuals.

Myth 1: Cremation is Environmentally Harmful

Debunking Cremation Myths 1

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, cremation can be an environmentally responsible choice. Traditional burials require a great amount of land, and the associated embalming fluids can be harmful to the earth if not disposed of properly. In contrast, cremation reduces land usage and allows for the ashes to be scattered or kept in an urn. Modern cremation technology now allows for little to no smoke emission and this is a technology that Golden Haven employs in its crematoriums.

Myth 2: Cremation is Only Done at the End of a Service

Debunking Cremation Myths 2

Fact: Some people believe that cremation should only be done after a funeral service. However, this isn’t true. Families can still hold memorial services and find solace in knowing that their loved one’s ashes are a lasting remembrance. This can reduce the cost of having to rent or purchase a casket for the body of their dearly departed.

Myth 3: Cremation is Expensive

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Fact: Cremation is often more affordable than traditional burials. There are various options available, ranging from basic cremation to elaborate ceremonies. Families can choose what best suits their budget and preferences.

Myth 4: Cremation is Impersonal

Debunking Cremation Myths 3

Fact: Cremation does not diminish the personal aspect of saying goodbye to a loved one. Families can customize the memorial service to reflect the individual’s personality and interests, creating a meaningful and personal farewell.

Myth 5: Cremation is Not Widely Accepted

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Fact: Cremation is becoming increasingly common across the globe. Many religions and cultures now embrace it as a respectful way to honor the deceased. Its acceptance continues to grow, making it a viable option for more people. Furthermore, if cremation is the wish of the departed then we have to honor and respect it.

Myth 6: Cremation is a Quick Process

Fact: Cremation, like any other end-of-life choice, can take time. There are legal requirements and paperwork to complete. It’s essential to plan ahead to ensure a smooth process.

Myth 7: Cremation is Limited in Memorialization Options

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Fact: Cremation offers a plethora of memorialization options. From scattering ashes in a favorite location to creating beautiful memorial jewelry or even planting a tree, the possibilities are endless.

Myth 8: Cremation is Solely About Disposal

Fact: Cremation is often misunderstood as a means of disposal, but in reality, it is a versatile and meaningful way to celebrate a life lived. It offers flexibility in memorialization, allowing families to create personalized and unique remembrance ceremonies. Cremation also accommodates diverse choices for memorialization, from traditional urns to eco-friendly options and even cultural and religious significance. Far from being a simple act of disposal, cremation provides an opportunity to honor loved ones in a way that aligns with their values and beliefs while respecting the individuality of the departed.

Myth 9: Cremation is a Lonely Process

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Fact: There’s a common misconception that cremation is a solitary procedure. However, many crematoriums, such as those offered at Golden Haven, provide families with the option to actively engage in the process. With dedicated viewing rooms, families can witness the preparation for cremation from the other side of a protective glass, offering a sense of closeness and connection. While curtains may eventually close, this allows families to find solace in knowing their loved one remains nearby while they are in a serene space for prayer and reflection during the procedure. This can provide a sense of closure and connection.

In conclusion, cremation myths often stem from misconceptions. By shedding light on the facts, we can make informed decisions about end-of-life choices. Remember that cremation offers a range of possibilities while respecting the memory of your loved ones. Don’t let myths cloud your understanding of this meaningful option.


  • Regine is a writer for Golden Haven Memorial Parks, Inc. With a passion for story-telling and helping others, she brings a unique perspective and warm voice to Golden Haven's blog. When she's not writing, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up something delicious or outside exploring the great outdoors.

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