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Exploring Memorial Property Options for Cremated Remains

Posted by Regine Louise Mendoza on October 29, 2023

Memorializing our loved ones is a deeply personal and meaningful experience. One way to honor their memory is by choosing the perfect resting place for their cremated remains. In this article, we’ll delve into various memorial property options you might consider. Whether mausoleums, ossuaries, columbarium, or niches, each offers a unique and dignified way to cherish your loved one’s memory.

Mausoleums: Where Elegance Meets Tradition

Memorial Property: Premium Mausoleum Design in the Philippines

Mausoleums have long been associated with grandeur and nobility. These imposing structures provide a secure and elegant final resting place for cremated remains. With their architectural beauty and serene surroundings, mausoleums offer families a place to visit and reflect with reverence. If you seek a timeless and prestigious option for your loved one, a mausoleum might be the perfect choice. Not only can a mausoleum house a fresh body, it can also store cremains. This provides more options for families. At Golden Haven, mausoleums are “Family Estate”. Those who choose to invest in a family estate can take advantage of a free mausoleum design from its “Golden Shrines” collection, minimizing the costs of building a mausoleum.

Ossuaries: Communal Serenity

Golden Haven Iloilo Columbary and Ossuary (3)

Ossuaries provide a communal resting place for cremated remains. These repositories, often located in cemeteries or memorial parks, allow multiple families to come together in shared remembrance. Ossuaries are an excellent option for those who value the sense of community and wish to create a collective memorial space.

Columbariums: A Niche of Tranquility

Memorial Property: San Ezekiel Moreno Columbarium Las Pinas C5 Extension by Golden Haven

Columbarium is specifically designed to house urns containing cremated remains. These structures feature niches or compartments, each meant to hold an urn and provide a peaceful place for reflection. Columbarium offer a harmonious blend of individual remembrance within a collective setting. Hence, it is an increasingly popular choice for families seeking a balance between personal and shared memorialization. Golden Haven has numerous columbaria nationwide. One being the biggest and most beautiful located in Santuario De San Ezekiel Moreno Columbarium.

In conclusion, choosing the right memorial property for cremated remains is a significant decision. Therefore, it must be made with care and consideration. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of a mausoleum, the communal serenity of an ossuary, or the tranquil niches in a columbarium, rest assured that each option that Golden Haven provides offers a dignified way to honor and remember your loved one.


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