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Honoring the Legacy of Mike Enriquez: A Tribute to a Broadcasting Icon

Posted by Golden Haven on August 31, 2023

The broadcasting world is in mourning as we bid farewell to a beloved figure, Miguel “Mike” Enriquez. With heavy hearts, we remember the life and achievements of this esteemed television and radio news anchor, who made an indelible mark on the industry and captivated the hearts of millions. Golden Haven pays tribute to Mike Enriquez, who peacefully passed away on August 29, 2023, at the age of 71.

A Towering Presence in Journalism

Mike Enriquez was a name synonymous with trust and credibility. For decades, he graced the airwaves as a beacon of information and integrity. From his early days in the broadcast industry in 1969 to his remarkable tenure at GMA Network starting in 1995, he dedicated 54 years of his life to serving the Filipino audience.

An Unforgettable Partnership

An inseparable duo with his permanent co-anchor, Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez was a pivotal part of “24 Oras,” GMA’s flagship prime-time broadcast since its inception in 2004. With emotional resonance, Mel Tiangco announced his passing, marking the end of an era. A poignant video tribute captured the essence of his stellar career, highlighting his dedication to journalistic excellence.

A Legacy of Dedication

GMA Network’s statement reflected the profound impact Mike Enriquez had on the industry: “His dedication to the industry will serve as an inspiration to all.” His catchphrases like “Excuse me po,” “Pasensiya na po,” and “Hindi namin kayo tatantanan” became synonymous with his name and resonated deeply with audiences.

A Trailblazer and Visionary

Beyond his roles as an anchor, Mike Enriquez held prominent positions within GMA Network. He served as a consultant for Radio Operations, president of RGMA Network Inc., and station manager of Super Radyo DZBB 594 AM. His versatility and leadership shaped GMA’s presence in the broadcasting landscape.

Captivating Audiences

Mike Enriquez’s impact extended beyond news broadcasts. As the host of “Imbestigador,” a long-running investigative program, he showcased his dedication to uncovering truth and advocating for justice. His commitment to highlighting critical issues resonated deeply with the viewers, earning him admiration and respect.

A Multifaceted Legacy

Throughout his illustrious career, Mike Enriquez garnered accolades and awards, solidifying his status as a broadcasting luminary. From the New York Festivals to the Asian Television Awards, he collected honors that reflected his exceptional contribution to media.

A Lasting Influence

Mike Enriquez’s influence reached beyond the studio. He shared his wisdom by teaching Broadcast Management at De La Salle University, his alma mater. His involvement with various La Salle institutions showcased his commitment to education and community.

A Champion of the People

His presence extended beyond the media landscape. Mike Enriquez was a staunch supporter of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), where his energetic commentary on basketball games resonated with fans, especially during the legendary clashes between the Green Archers and the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

As we bid farewell to Mike Enriquez, we remember a man who transcended the boundaries of journalism and touched lives in profound ways. His legacy is a testament to his unwavering commitment to truth, justice, and the Filipino people. Golden Haven Memorial Parks Inc. joins the nation in mourning the loss of an irreplaceable icon. While he may have left this world, his voice and impact will forever resonate in the hearts of those he touched.

In Memoriam: We invite you to join us in remembering Mr. Mike Enriquez and paying your respects to his memory. Share your thoughts, memories, and condolences as we celebrate the life of a broadcasting legend.


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