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How to Create a Meaningful Routine 

Posted by Regine Louise Mendoza on December 19, 2022

At this point, thousands of articles and books claim that having an efficient routine will set you up for success. You might’ve thought, “How can fixing my bed in the morning help me succeed?” Of course, it is not a direct cause and effect that success is guaranteed if you fix your bed throughout the year. Routines are powerful because it is a commitment and an exercise of discipline. If eating so much junk food routinely every night before bed can drastically affect your weight in a month, so is doing something positive consistently.  

Following a general routine online may not be the best option as all our nights and days differ. Instead, creating a meaningful routine that works for you is much better. Here are some things you need to incorporate into your routine:

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Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep affects our health drastically. Long-term sleep deprivation causes numerous serious health problems, which include lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Lack of sleep has also been linked to depression. Whatever your day looks like, get at least seven hours of sleep to become healthier and have enough energy to perform your desired routine.  

Incorporate a Daily Exercise 

A 10-minute exercise every day may not sound much, but it can work wonders for you. Exercise will not only help you manage weight but may work wonders for your health. Regular exercise improves brain health and strengthens our muscles and bones. Life expectancy has been said to increase with regular physical activity. If you only work or study from home, exercise longer than 10 minutes. Try simple changes in your routine, like parking away from a building so you would have to walk more. 

Eat Proper Meals 

You, indeed, are what you eat. It may only be a metaphorical expression, but it emphasizes that what we eat affects our life—eating proper and balanced meals. Eating the right food together with essential supplements can significantly improve not only our physical bodies but also our mood and our brains. There are different food for different purposes, and we should use this to our advantage.  

Talk With a Friend or Family 

It might not be possible to talk to a family or friend daily, but we should ensure that atleast once a week, we get to interact with family or friends. Nobody knows us better than those dearest to us, so we must get to at least talk to one of them daily and check in. Talking with a friend or family doesn’t mean trauma dumping on them. For our mental health, let’s make sure not to spend our days isolated. Social life is essential for your overall well-being. 

Plan for the Next Day 

If the following day is jam-packed with appointments or commitments, it is crucial to plan for the next day. Having a to-do list and a schedule will help accomplish everything. Planning your day also helps with finances as you have a gauge of the probable expenses of the following day.  

An Ideal routine looks different for everybody, but we must ensure that our routine contributes to our overall well-being. It has to be holistic in the sense that we must cater to all our needs, whether they may be physical or mental. Take into consideration everything stated above when planning your routine. A new year is just a few days ahead, and it is the best time to recalibrate and plan. 

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