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Income Opportunities: Top Must-try Side Hustles and WFH Jobs

Posted by Golden Haven on September 20, 2021

Written by: Sherry Mae M. Galias, Golden MV Holdings, Intern

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Extra Income”? 

Extra refers to whatever you want to add to an existing quantity, whereas income refers to the money you earned at work. Ideally, Extra Income is an additional amount of money that came from side hustles and work-from-home occupations.

Most people who have a stable job look for side hustles and work from home to help them deal with the devastating effects of Corona Virus 2019 (CoVid-19) that includes income loss due to limited work schedule, suspension, and salary deduction.

The effect of this pandemic taught people to be more strategic in planning and making the right decisions financially. Even millennials do side hustles and work-from-home jobs to earn extra income to sustain their education and financial needs.

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Top 10 Side Hustles and Work from Home (WFH) Jobs

  • Online Selling

Online Selling is one of the trends that many industries like Golden Haven Memorial Park used to gain or attract more customers. It includes E-commerce that comprises the cycle of transactions from selling to buying, marketing, delivery, and payment of goods and services using electronic systems to interact with the business partners to implement any business activities. Most people are now into online selling since it is flexible and has a low budget capital. These are some reasons why Golden Haven Memorial Park offers side hustles and work-from-home opportunities as an online seller of their products and services.

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  • Financial Advisor

Since the start of the pandemic, most people struggle with their financial capacity. One of the reasons for that is the lack of strategic planning and making the wrong decision financially. Being a financial advisor on life insurance and family security is the right choice as a side hustle and work-from-home job that Golden Haven can offer.

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  • Brand Ambassador

Your friends or anyone following you on social media platforms can also be your source of income. Having the capability to represent, promote, advertise and endorse the product in a large group of people enables the company to grow on the market. Golden Haven offers a new GH Ambassador perfect as a side hustle to earn extra income that persuades people to invest in memorial products and services through digital marketing exposure.

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  • Freelance Writing or Blogging

Writing is fun. However, it can be more fun when used strategically. Writing is not just a hobby or passion. It can also use as a source of extra income or side hustle during your spare time. There are different kinds of writing styles that you can explore to know what is suitable for you. Golden Haven gives opportunities to those aspiring writers through their internship program that allow students to write and create a blog or article about currents events, news, their product, and services.

  • Vlogging

People who are not camera shy and have confidence speaking on the camera are perfectly fit for vlogging. Aside from that, Creating and choosing the right content together with increasing subscribers will make you stand the most. One of the mediums of vlogging is YouTube which you can earn an ample amount based on your counted views in the uploaded video. Golden Haven has a YouTube Channel that encourages everyone to be part of them which consists of GH Knows Episodes and podcasts.

  • Real Estate Agent

Working as a real estate agent or broker can be fulfilling and financially rewarding. However, it is not easy. A career in real estate requires visualizing business, promoting yourself, tracking leads, handling complex paperwork, providing customer service, and many more. One of the best ways to make passive income is to own rental properties. You can easily have the time to manage a few properties as a side hustle, or if you want it to be completely passive, you can hire a property manager. The downside here is that you’ll need some money to invest. Golden Haven makes the pandemic an opportunity to diversify the market to invest more in memorial real estate as death is the current trend topic and is considered inevitable.

  •  Freelance Graphic Design 

Creativity is one of the businesses that are looking to increase their demand in the market. It drives audience attention to boosts company traffic on a website. Golden Haven encourages their employees and intern students to be more creative in designing layouts and visuals through digitalization since it is deemed on demand and has a high probability of increasing website traffic.

  • Photography

Turn your hobby into a passion. Taking pictures is not just a habit. These can also be your career for the future. I know several people who make their photography skills into a side hustle and earn extra income.

Photography can be practice even without a camera or simply by using a smartphone on which you can develop your skills in choosing the right angle, spot, and subject.

  • Video Editor

The vast majority of Vloggers consisting of a portion of the famous celebrities are hiring video editors to add spices to their video content. Not only that because some businesses are now hiring video editors for their company to establish brand identity. Having talent in adding video effects can also be a side hustle to earn extra income since people nowadays are more into visualization.

  • Social Media Manager

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage their social media identity due to tight competition in the market. There is an opportunity for providing social media marketing services for clients called Social Media Manager. It involves daily monitoring and posting to specific social media sites as Golden Haven doing on their daily posting on Facebook, managing their social media advertisement, creating images, videos, and other content for their company.

Why should we consider taking some side hustle and work-from-home job even if we have stable job?

  • First, we lived in a world where everything is uncertain. As people say, “Change is inevitable; change is constant”. It is truly a fact of life that individuals and organizations have no choice to deal with any circumstances and having the capability to cope up and embrace change will make a company and individual strive and survive more.
  • Second, it provides security and assurance like how Golden Haven provides benefits to their online seller by giving a portion of a commission and security since all transactions are being negotiated online from talking with potential clients to closing and cashless payments such as G-Cash and other payment partners.
  • Third, Side Hustle is also an experience. Who would have taught that a simple beginning can turn into the greatest achievement? A hobby can also be a passion and a career in the future through the contributions of friends and family. 
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