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Magenta is the Color of 2023

Posted by Golden Haven on December 22, 2022

Bold, fearless, and striking, ‘Viva Magenta,’ introduced to be Pantone’s color for 2023, aims to empower those who have it on. Magenta belongs to the family tree of reds and appears to be a mix of pink and red bases. It has a hint of rebellious purple and blue undertones.   

Magenta is a deeper and richer hue of red that’s inspired by raspberries and pink tourmalines. It eclipses tradition and the average, creating a bolder and out-of-the-box storyline for the year. 

It’s a compelling, bright, and exuberant red that demonstrates life’s robustness, energy, and vitality. Indeed something to look forward to for 2023

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Add Aesthetic Flair 

It’s a very powerful color that instantly lifts the energy and mood of everyone in a room. This will give your space that pop of color without looking cluttered, overpowering, or too much. 

It’s a gorgeous addition to your interiors whether you want to prop pillows or insert a couple of fixtures, furniture, murals, wall art, or covers with the Magenta color, which will warm up the room. The best way to do it is to use the Magenta color on items you can store away or move around. So, it’s easy to stash it away or mix and match if you need to freshen up your space. 

Splash a New Powerful Paint 

If your room feels a little plain or boring, then the Magenta color will give your space the jolt it needs. Magenta is a rich, refreshing color that can inject new life into a dull room. 

It’s a bold and intense color, so mixing it with cool or subtle tones is recommended to tone it down a bit. Getting creative with your home decor or office space is easy and fun when incorporating the Magenta color. It breathes new life and also amplifies the vibe of your room. 

You can combine the paint with earth or subtle tones or pair it with dark and vivid colors like dark pink but be careful not to combine Magenta with blue, yellow, or orange because they are contrasting and incompatible. 

Wear it! 

You can use Viva Magenta color for your wardrobe, accessories, and even your hair color and makeup to capture more attention. This is how you live the color and make it your own for 2023. You can beat the monotony of your style by incorporating the feminine yet bold color of Magenta. You can pair your wardrobe with paler shades, such as almond beige or baby pink, striking a good balance.   

The color of 2023, Pantone 18-1750, is sliced between warm and cool colors. It’s very dynamic and evokes more positive and intentional assertiveness, not aggressive. It’s a balance many people aspire to have for the coming year. Wearing the Viva Magenta color is a great way to recalibrate and attract positive energy and opportunities

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