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Places You Need to Visit in Tagum City

Posted by Golden Haven on December 15, 2022

Known as the “City of Festivals” and the “Palm City Capital,” Tagum City is one city you shouldn’t miss when visiting the Philippines.

You can find Tagum City at the heart of Davao Del Norte. It is the city government’s epicenter and an economic, commercial, and agricultural hub. There is so much to see and experience in Tagum City. With that, here are the five places you should check out when in Tagum City:

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Banana Beach

Are you looking for the perfect beach getaway? If you love to dart into a quick escape, away from the stress and the hustle and bustle, then the Banana Beach Resort is just a 1-hour drive from Davao City.

It’s the perfect beach destination at Hijo Resorts Davao. It is the only beach in the world enveloped by 1,878-acre banana plantations plus over 148 coconut plantations, making it the best beach hiatus you can find at the heart of Tagum City.

World’s Largest Rosary         

Nestled right behind the gregarious Christ the King Cathedral in Tagum city, you can find a popular tourist destination and masterpiece for Roman Catholics. 

Made of Magcono trees, the largest rosary is 280 feet long, and each bead weighs over 77 pounds. The rosary is creatively laid out in the garden park together with a giant sculpture of Jesus Christ. It’s a peaceful, relaxing location for prayer, worship, and meditation.

Kublai Millan, a local artist from Tagum, designed the giant rosary in 2005. They made it to commemorate the founding of the local archdiocese.

River Cruise

The Tagum River Cruise is an excellent adventure if you are a water enthusiast. Take a boat ride and explore the river, Maningo Farm, and the mangrove jungle, where you can delight in nature’s wonders. The incredible thing about this river cruise is that you can buy from a floating tiangge. Make sure to bring a wallet with you during the river cruise!

Freedom Park

If you like a free space to relax and get together with family and friends, visit Freedom Park. For those who like people-watching or just enjoying the food and scenery, then you have plenty of mouth-watering street foods that you can binge while enjoying a good book or just hanging out after school or work.

Golden Haven Tagum

One thing to look forward to in Tagum is Golden Haven. It’s a California-themed memorial park soon to rise in Barangay La Filipina, Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. If you are yearning for a serene and stunning backdrop, this is one of the best places in Tagum City. Golden Haven Tagum offers memorial lots, family estates, ossuary, and other memorial services. While you’re in Tagum, visit Golden Haven and invest in memories.

The Next Big Thing!

Tagum city is said to be the next big city to watch out for. With its award-winning governance, Tagum is rapidly morphing as an economic hub, welcoming you with its grand entrance once you reach the city. You can find more places and destinations to love in Tagum once you start exploring the ins and outs of the town!

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