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Reasons why you should invest in Memorial lots in Mega Manila

Posted by Golden Haven on October 30, 2021

Investing in memorial lots in Mega Manila is one way of expanding your investment portfolio. There are perks in allocating your (extra) resources in real estates, such as memorial lots.

Aside from securing you and your family’s final resting place, however morbid it seems to other people, you get to protect your money. How that is will be explained later in this article. Just make sure you put your hard-earned dough in a memorial park developer that you can trust.

Reasons why you should invest in Memorial lots in Mega Manila

Here are the Reasons why Investing in Memorial lots in Mega Manila is profitable 

The price of memorial lots in the country ranges from 40,000 to millions of pesos, depending on the lot’s type, dimension, and location. Usually, the maintenance like regular trimming of grass, cleaning the area, and overall maintenance of the park’s facilities are taken care of by the developers.     

A memorial investment is ideal not only for OFWs but anyone who’s not physically present to maintain such property. You don’t have to do anything after investing.  

While you’re busy taking care of your family and other concerns and businesses, your investment is growing every year. The starting selling price of  Golden Haven Las Piñas memorial lots in 1984 was only 5000. Now they are valued at 30 million. A 2,000% increase in value! And more, memorial lot investment comes with a freebie. Credit life insurance. That’s more reasons to invest in memorial lots!

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Reasons why you should invest in Memorial lots in Mega Manila
  • Consistent market demand. It’s not a luxury anymore, but a necessity. There’s always someone looking for a good investment and someone who needs it. 
  • You get perpetual ownership once you’ve fully paid for it. Unless you choose to give it away or transfer ownership by selling the lot, it’s yours. Or, let it grow in value, then sell it at a higher price you can command. A memorial lot can even be used as collateral. Either way, you win. 
  • High-value appreciation. 

Like any lucrative real estate investment, Golden Haven memorial lots increase in value over time. The current estimated appreciation value for memorial lots is around 15 to 20% per year. And can go 30% higher, depending on the location.                      

  • Hassle-free transfer of rights. This unique feature of Golden Haven memorial lots can lure investors. Transfer of rights, you say? Just go to the office, present pertinent documents like the Certificate of Ownership, Deed of Absolute Sale, valid IDs as proof of identity. Pay the transfer fee, which is very minimal, by the way.  No required permits or licenses of any kind. As easy as that!  
  • Low capital investment 

Unlike other investment options, memorial lots don’t require high capitalization. They’re affordable and can be availed on a monthly installment, which makes the amortization more manageable. The price of memorial lots can be as low as 40,000 to as high as millions of pesos, depending on the size of the lot and location.    

  • Low-risk investment and low-cost maintenance. 

Real estate investments that can be acquired at a low cost are considered low-risk investments because of their non-fluctuating market value. Like memorial lots for example, as against gadgets or cars whose value depreciates upon release of another model.  

  • Inflation doesn’t affect memorial lots investment.

The value of assets such as real estate or gold don’t get affected by inflation, that’s why they hardly depreciate. So investors need not worry about depreciation.   

Guides for investing a memorial lot in Metro Manila

•Know your financial capacity. The type of memorial lot you can acquire depends on how much you can set aside to pay for a piece of land for your deceased loved ones.   

• Research memorial park developers, type of memorial lot you plan to buy, amenities, and other services they offer.  

•Look for the right people who can help you. Licensed real estate brokers and legitimate agents can refer you to the best memorial parks developer that offers competitive prices.   

•Check the location. Ask if the place doesn’t get flooded during the rainy season. Consider the location’s safety, travel convenience and accessibility, and ventilation.  

•Compare prices. After doing all the research, narrow down your options to what suits you and your loved ones best. Setting a budget for memorial lots doesn’t mean settling for the cheapest. Remember you’re buying a piece of land that will someday be your legacy. 

Types Of Memorial Lots 

Memorial lots in Golden Haven are classified based on their types and dimensions.     

  • Lawn Lot. A lawn lot has two underground vaults that can inter two bodies and two sets of bone remains per vault. Lawn lots in Golden Haven can be identified with granite, instead of the usual marble slab. They measure 1 meter by 2.5 in dimension.  
  • Family Patio. A family patio caters to those who want extra space and flair for their deceased loved ones. It measures 18 square meters, with a concrete structure that encloses 4 nicely trimmed lots. This type of memorial lot is wide enough to contain ten new body interments.    
  • Family Estate or Mausoleum. A family estate or mausoleum in Golden Haven Memorial Parks is capable of accommodating multiple interments. This package is a good option for families who want to keep the remains of their dearly departed together in one place.    
Mausolem design in Cebu City Chinese style

The price of a memorial lot is dependent on its dimension and location. And different factors affect its value. Let’s talk about them. 

Factors that determine the prices of memorial lots 

One of the primary factors that determine the market value of real estate properties like memorial lots is the location. The price and value appreciation of memorial lots vary depending on where they sit.  

For example, if your lot is located near or within Metro Manila where it’s accessible to many people and establishments, and it connects to other major destinations like churches, hotels, or public buildings where you don’t need to ride that far to get to it, your lot is considered premium because it’s in a prime location. And every lot in that memorial park is priced higher than the ones situated farther away.  

Solar Panel in Memorial Park

Let’s take a look at the premium lots of Golden Haven Memorial Park in Bauan, Batangas. It’s only less than 2 kilometers away from the town proper, just a short drive away from Bauan Municipal Hall, and a relaxing walk from the Immaculate Concepcion Church. The park is accessible to all people.  

The Golden Haven Memorial Park in Bauan, Batangas is the latest addition to the roster of impressive and most modern memorial parks in the country today. The property sits on a vast 4-hectare prime land. The Asian-inspired memorial park in the scenic municipality of Bauan, Batangas features a breath-taking line of natural landscapes, vibrant flora, serene ponds, and a masterfully carved path that allows visitors to bask in the park’s enchanting scenery.    

Its current market selling price ranges from ₱ 89,000 – 1,863,000    


Another important factor that determines the market value of memorial lots is the amenities that park developers provide to their clients and the visiting public. Take note that not all memorial parks or public cemeteries offer these amenities, which sets all Golden Haven Memorial Parks apart from all the rest.   

Golden Haven GenSan boasts of the Statue of the Nine Muses.  

GenSan Golden Haven Entrance

Golden Haven Tagum takes pride in its California-inspired Lacma Lights. The cheaper memorial lots here were sold at 35,000 when they opened to the public. The following year, said lots were selling at 51,000. Investing in prime memorial lots and other real estate properties can be very rewarding.   

These one-of-a-kind Instagrammable features jack up the value of these properties in the market. And this can be tempting to investors.   


Have you ever thought about how a memorial park would look like 10 or 20 years from now? How well-maintained a memorial park equates to how much its value will be in the coming years. That’s one thing an investor should take into consideration. 

Aerial View of the Viewing Deck Golden Haven Memorial Parks 2


  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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