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5 Ways on How to Keep Fit and Healthy During the New Normal

Posted by Golden Haven on November 3, 2021

All of us are affected by this pandemic. Some of us can’t go back to our jobs and some are getting back to their old life in their provinces to start a new beginning. Pandemic makes us realize that the plans that we have in our life can be changed or even can’t be fulfilled. This pandemic teaches us how to handle the problems and how we should accept the facts that we need to move forward despite the changes in the new normal. Let us know how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy during the new normal.

Here are 5 ways to be mentally and physically healthy during the new normal

1. Reduce Social Media

Social media has a lot of uses; it helps us to connect with our loved ones, it is used for entertainment, education, etc. But, we know that social media has a bad effect on our lives and is a waste of our time. Social media can cause anxiety and stress because of the fake news and negative posts that we see on social media platforms.

Individuals should consider avoiding or lessening the usage of social media and try to connect to their loved ones and friends. Talking to them in person is much better than just chatting on social media. It helps us to develop the communication skills that we need in the future. Before you make a plan for social gatherings or meeting your family, you have to keep in mind to follow the health protocols and it is much better if everyone is fully vaccinated.

2. Exercise and Eat More Healthy Foods

In this time of the pandemic, we should not forget that the virus is around us and it targets our immune system. And because of that, we must strengthen our immune system by exercising and eating more veggies or fruits. Watching exercise videos on youtube will help us to be more active. Consulting with your dieticians will also allow us to know what kind of diet we need or what kind of foods we should intake to get enough vitamins.

5 Ways on How to Keep Fit and Healthy During the New Normal
Exercising at Golden Haven Memorial Parks

Also, don’t forget to relax and sleep enough and at the right time. Sleep is the most important rest for us to be more active the next day. Getting enough rest will allow us to think and move clearly.

3. Learning or Trying Other Hobbies

Another way to keep ourselves fit and healthy during the new normal is to learn or try other hobbies. Hobbies are the activities that we do when boredom strikes. Hobbies can also be a stress reliever to us, especially in this pandemic. One example of a hobby that most people do in this time of pandemic is biking. They bike to relax their mind and develop their cardio. Playing or learning musical instruments will also help us to develop our knowledge of music.

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Learning new things is the best way to develop or enhance your own skills and maybe we can use it in the near future. We should try to get outside of our comfort zone and explore new things that can enhance ourselves.

4. Saving Your Money

Saving our extra money is one of the hardest things to do. It’s easy to say that “I’m going to save this money for my future” but in the end, we don’t really do what we say. In this time of the pandemic, one thing that I realized is that money is hard to earn but easy to spend. So, we must learn to budget our money by watching tips on the internet and applying them to ourselves. This will help us a lot and will also persuade us to avoid our bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and gambling, etc. These habits can’t really help you in reaching your goals in life and worst it can cause you to get into debt.

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5 Ways on How to Keep Fit and Healthy During the New Normal

Learn to appreciate your income even if it is just a small amount or huge. Even if you’re earning a huge amount of money if you don’t know how to handle it can be nonsense.

5. Helping Others

There are many ways to help other people. By giving them your extra money, food, or things that you don’t need. Also, teaching them about your knowledge can also be a form of helping others. Any form of helping is good especially if you’re willing to help them. By doing an act of kindness, even in the smallest way; you can touch and change one’s life. We should consider sharing our blessings with others.

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As you see, there are plenty of ways to move forward even though we are stuck, because of this pandemic. The given ways will help you to look on the greener grass and accept the changes. Make sure that before you do such activities, you are prepared and you’re obedient in following the health protocols that we have today.


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