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The First Memorial Park of Golden Haven

Posted by Golden Haven on March 25, 2022

A themed memorial park offering memorial lots and columbariums, complete deathcare services including funerals, crematorium, and chapels–these are the things you will get to see the first memorial park of Golden Haven in Las Pinas City.

Golden Haven Memorial Parks, Inc. was established in 1984, it is a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. Formerly known as Golden Bria Holdings, Inc. The first Golden Haven branch is located at Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, and remains to be one of the most beautiful parks in the country.

Some of you might ask “what makes Golden Haven Las Pinas different from its competitors?”. We’re tackling this and more in this article.

First, allow us to give you detailed information about the said park.

Golden Haven Memorial Park Las Pinas currently has the most complete deathcare services and products in the memorial park and deathcare industry. Setting it apart from its competitors, this is the first memorial park that offers a competitive advantage among other brands of memorial park.

Golden Haven Las Pinas is known for its “Spanish” themed memorial park and this 15-hectare memorial property mirrors the elegant elements of Spanish architectures and known as the first “Themed Memorial Park” in the country. The first and main branch of Golden Haven has achieved its company goals and continuously proving its company excellence through their product and park developments across the country.  

Golden Haven Las Pinas is famous for its cremation, funeral, chapel, and columbarium facilities which is known as “Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno”.

Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno’s architectural design is from the Spanish colonial period, and made in honor of the St. Ezekiel, a patron saint of cancer patients and was known to serve as a parish Priest during the said period.

Golden Haven was brought to life in 1984 by former Senate President Manuel B. Villar Jr., ensuring that the values and traditions of Filipinos are preserved and enriched in death as much as they were in life. We at Golden Haven upholds and celebrates the legacy and glory of your loved ones by having the perfect and dignified resting place for your dearly departed. Golden Haven Las Pinas proves that it is the most lucrative and competitive memorial park in this industry.

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As the first memorial park, it is really evident that it holds having the title of a premier deathcare provider in prime and top-tier locations to all its serene destinations, and it is transparent as it bags the best landscape design for a memorial park in this industry. In Golden Haven Las Pinas, it has its own funeral packages, the brand believes that quality should always reflects on its services and product offerings. Moreover, Golden Haven Las Pinas has its own chapel, wherein it features 12 viewing rooms of varying sizes for funerals, in these rooms, it is perfectly spaced, has its unique design, and capable of accommodating your needs and demands completely.

Golden Haven Las Pinas also offers other memorial services such as restoration and make-up, hearse rental, flower arrangements, storage rental, and engraving. There are other memorial products that Golden Haven Las Pinas chapel offers such as urns, caskets, accessories, necklace keepsakes, bangles keepsakes, filipiniana and barong tagalog. In addition, Golden Haven Las Pinas is prominent for its Pope John Paul II statue and Spanish themed creations by the country’s respected architects and engineers. Golden Haven Las Pinas maintains its park location, services, and products by ensuring top quality assurance in its exceptional offerings.

Aside from having funeral packages and its chapel, Golden Haven also offers cremation services in Las Pinas City. Amidst the pandemic, this gives rise to crematorium facilities in the country, wherein Filipinos are now considering cremation as an alternative from traditional burial. Golden Haven as a brand was able to adapt with the country’s current changes that gave the branch an opportunity to launch its cremation services in Golden Haven Las Pinas. Golden Haven is the first and only crematorium in Las Pinas that features top-of-the-line equipment operated by highly skilled professionals and equipped with the best tools the industry can offer, Golden Haven Las Pinas ensures that your loved ones are treated with the utmost care. On top of that, having technological advancements made Golden Haven Las Pinas strive towards success, continuous progress, and adaptability to changes such as launching its “Wake Connect” initiative, wherein attendees can remotely be part of dearly departed rites by bringing distant families closer even in this most trying times. At Golden Haven Memorial Chapels, traditional wake viewing is now made available online as it extends its services through further digitalization by maximizing the usage of mobile devices and internet anytime and anywhere. Golden Haven Las Pinas as the most complete deathcare service provider proudly presents to you the first and only real-time interactive online wake viewing facility in the Philippines. As a way of making Golden Haven Las Pinas famous and known as the main branch, wake connect initiative made online video conferencing an efficient and effective way for mourning families to cope and connect when large funeral gatherings are discouraged due to social distancing guidelines, however, this also makes Golden Haven Las Pinas offer an opportunity to families living or working abroad, a chance to be part and have a strong connection with what is happening with their families in the Philippines.


Golden Haven Las Pinas soars beyond its limits and capabilities, as the first and main branch they were able to break through boundaries and adapt to the ever-changing memorial park industry in challenging situations. Golden Haven Las Pinas was able to provide its investors the promises it ensured ever since the company was founded in 1984. It is evident that Golden Haven Las Pinas further enhances its offerings by launching the newest development of 12 galleries known as “Jardin de Angeles”, an inventory of pre-selling apartment niches and ossuaries. With continuous excellence and success driven employees, Golden Haven ensures that it will always provide quality services and products through effective and efficient possible ways the Golden Haven brand can help Filipino families. Golden Haven Las Pinas ensures that it will make the brand continuously woven into every step of Filipino lives.

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  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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