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The Rise of Vertical Memorials

Posted by Golden Haven on June 23, 2023

In recent years, there has been a notable trend in the world of memorialization – the rise of vertical memorials. These unique and distinctive structures have gained popularity as a way to honor and remember loved ones in a visually striking and meaningful manner. In this article, we will explore the concept of vertical memorials, their significance, and the impact they have on our collective remembrance.

Vertical Memorials at Golden Haven Memorial Park Branches

The Evolution of Memorials

Throughout history, societies have sought ways to remember and honor those who have passed away. Traditional memorials, such as tombstones and plaques, mark the final resting places of individuals. However, with changing times and evolving attitudes towards remembrance, a new form of memorialization has emerged.

Understanding Vertical Memorials

Vertical memorials are structures that stand tall and serve as a tribute to the deceased. They can take various forms, including ossuaries, columbaries, or entire buildings. Unlike traditional memorials that are at ground level, it commands attention and create a strong visual impact.

Symbolism and Aesthetics

Designing a vertical memorial requires careful consideration of symbolism and aesthetics. Each element of the structure, from its shape and materials to the engravings and inscriptions, contributes to its overall meaning. These are created with the intention to preserve land space and accommodate more remains within an area. This is why its capacity to accommodate more remains must be considered during design stage.

Golden Haven Columbarium in San Ezekiel Las Piñas

Vertical Memorials and the Digital Age

In the digital age, vertical memorials have also embraced technology to enhance the remembrance experience. Some of it incorporate interactive elements, such as mini screens which allow visitors to access digital content related to the person being memorialized. This integration of technology creates an immersive and dynamic tribute. This is available in some countries like Korea. Tablet-like battery operated gadgets are placed inside the vaults and slideshow images can be seen through the glass.

Vertical Memorials in Urban Spaces

One significant aspect of modern memorials is their presence in urban spaces. As cities grow and land becomes scarce, these space-saving memorials offer a solution to limited space for traditional burial grounds. By integrating vertical memorials into the architectural landscape, cities provide a space for remembrance while preserving valuable land resources.

Iloilo Columbary Colors of Summer Ossuary

Vertical Memorials as Public Art

Vertical memorials are not only a means of remembrance but also an expression of art. Their towering structures often become landmarks within communities, attracting visitors and serving as focal points for public gatherings. The fusion of memorialization and art allows for a deeper emotional connection and shared experiences among people from diverse backgrounds.

Challenges and Controversies

As with any form of memorialization, vertical memorials can also face challenges and controversies. Some argue that their imposing presence may disrupt the visual harmony of certain landscapes or overshadow other historical structures. Additionally, there can be debates regarding the appropriateness of certain designs or inscriptions. Balancing individual expression and communal sensitivities is an ongoing consideration in the realm of vertical memorials.

Modern Vertical Memorial: Golden Haven

Looking ahead, vertical memorials are likely to continue evolving. Advances in architecture, materials, and technology will enable even more innovative designs and functionalities. We may see vertical memorials that incorporate renewable energy sources or multimedia installations, further enhancing the visitor experience and the memorial’s impact.

Vertical memorials have emerged as a distinctive and meaningful form of remembrance. Their towering presence, personalized designs, and integration of technology make them powerful symbols of individual legacies. As urban spaces evolve and societies embrace new approaches to memorialization, vertical memorials provide a unique way to honor and remember loved ones.


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