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Tips and Ideas for an Online Memorial Lot Buyer

Posted by Golden Haven on July 19, 2021

Tips and Ideas for an Online Memorial Lot Buyer – Trisha Mae Caag

Tips and Ideas for an Online Memorial Lot Buyer

Buying memorial lots and other funeral services can be hard, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. There will be doubts and uncertainties that make the customer’s buying journey quite challenging. You must buy a memorial lot strategically yet wisely while also considering what would be appropriate in honoring your loved one. It is indeed a challenge, and unfortunately, it’s much harder now that we have to buy it online.

Before the pandemic, we had the chance to ease up on those uncertainties because we get to see and assess what we will be buying physically. But it’s hard to buy a memorial lot and other funeral products now that everything switched online. It’s not easy to compare our choices and assess them thoroughly. And even though you probably had many experiences buying products online, it will still be a lot different from buying a memorial lot. We cannot assess it as we would’ve had before. If we were not in quarantine, so we have no choice but to adapt digitally.

With that, whether you are buying for family preparations or someone you love passed away, lay out every options. Here are some tips and ideas that every first-time virtual memorial lot buyer needs to know.

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Tips and Ideas for an Online Memorial Lot Buyer

  • Set your budget.

The first thing you should consider is your budget. Remember that setting your budget does not mean necessarily mean buying what the cheapest is. Consider that you are purchasing the piece of land because you love and honor your loved one. Then, you should know your financial capacity so you can properly weigh in the “brand”. You should also know the memorial park developer and the type of memorial lot you will be buying. There are many memorial parks available, but you can classify them through their location, amenities, products, and services. It’s okay to reserve an estimated amount. There will still be other factors you have to consider along your memorial lot buying journey. Explore your options and set your final budget later.

  • Do your homework.
Tips and Ideas for an Online Memorial Lot Buyer

Products and services are at the tip of our fingers. It’s just one click away, so why not seize that opportunity, right? So, here’s a tip – do some research.

There are so many factors that you should consider before buying. Make a list of these factors to make it easy for you. Here are the most important things you must consider:

  1. Location
  2. Inventory (Memorial Lot) Types
  3. Prices, Payment Schemes, and Payment Channels
  4. Amenities
  5. Services

Your basic list of priorities is now settled – but also assess your personal or familial situations to help narrow down your preferences. And now that you have made your list, it’s time to dive into the internet.

Following the list, if you have a certain location in mind, search for the nearby memorial parks in the area of your preference. Visit their websites, Facebook accounts, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms that may give you an idea about these memorial parks and what they offer. Staying attuned to digitalization, Golden Haven Memorial Parks offers a top-notch online service for the customers. From regularly updated inventories to fully immersive 3D site tours and even online interments, Golden Haven makes it accessible for everyone from any mobile device. Golden Haven offers their services online. The company is also presently available in 32 locations across the country with its 35 developments.

For a first-time online buyer, it’s hard to assess it properly because you cannot see the area physically. You might have questions about flooding, ventilation, accessibility, safety, etc. However, in terms of the location of a memorial lot, it would be best to put first the possibility of land development within the area. Would you consider having your loved one buried in a possible urban area? Do you want them to rest in a more peaceful place (rural)? Lastly, you should also consider the exact location inside the park. Would you like your dearly departed in the center of the park, along the garden paths, or near the entrance? These are just some of the things you should think of when choosing for location. It will help you narrow down your choices.

Other Lot Options
Golden Haven Iloilo Memorial Park in the Philippines Drone Shot
Golden Haven Iloilo Memorial Park in the Philippines Drone Shot

Would you want to buy a lawn lot, companion plot, family plot, garden plot, or family estate? Don’t know these things? Research on the types of memorial lots that your researched memorial parks offer. Are you buying to use immediately, Assuming a single lawn lot? Would you be open to secure perpetual care for your loved ones in the future by considering family lots or estates? In Golden Haven, we offer 4 basic memorial lot packages. We have lawn lots, garden niche, family patio, and family estates. Match it with what you need, whether it is needed now or in the future.

After researching all the offered types of lots and their location, let us now compare their prices. Go back to your estimated budget and see what works best. If available, you may also gather the payment schemes for your preferred lot.

However, in accordance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), memorial lots are NOT exempted from the 12% VAT (Value-Added Tax) imposition. Memorial parks fall under the real estate category, thus following the regulations also mandated by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB). This will help you finalize the budget that you will need with considerations to down payments, interests, discounts, and other additional fees. If you cannot gather payment schemes for some of the memorial parks, it would be better to get someone to help you (which will be discussed in the next tip).

Payment Channels

Golden Haven Online Services
Golden Haven Online Services

Another factor to consider is the payment channel that will work for you. Some memorial parks haven’t had switched their services online yet, so it will be a struggle to settle payments during these times. Consider memorial parks that offer various digital payment channels. Golden Haven made cashless payments easier. We offer Card Payments, Mobile Wallets, Bills Payments, Auto-Debit arrangements, Scan to Pay, and other Over-the-Counter Supported Payment Centers.

Next, you should not disregard amenities and services. Along with the given comfort for your deceased loved ones, you should also consider your comfort when visiting them. There are a variety of options when building up your preference in the park. There are gardens, walk paths, chapels, themed entrances, public utilities, and even heritage structures. Golden Haven was named the “Best Landscape Design Memorial Park in the Philippines” from 2020 to 2021 by Q Asia Magazine. We can see it from its picturesque landscapes (taking advantage of Golden Haven’s online gallery and online site tours) that take your memorial park stay to a whole new level.

Some Golden Haven Memorial Parks are featured for their perfectly themed landscapes. Also, the structures that you wouldn’t originally associate with a memorial park. Golden Haven Memorial Parks are modeled after the world’s most iconic locations. Such landmarks make up the whole of Golden Haven’s brand that strikes the perfect balance between solemnity and sophistication. You can put these beautifications as a factor in your list to narrow down further your preferences.

  • Approach people that can help you.

Your market research does not end here. You still have to research for people that are real estate brokers/agents with licensed These persons will help you on your memorial lot buying journey.

Now that it’s so easy to reach out to people with just a click, you can seize this time to reach out to real estate agents and brokers to know more about your inquiries regarding your options. They will help you assess more the factors that you should consider. Given that, try setting up a meeting with a general or brand-related real estate agent. This will help you know more about the different lots and products that you are choosing from.

In Golden Haven, your inquiries go directly to us. We are more than happy to answer all your questions as we guide you through your buying journey. However, if you are interested in having an agent or broker, make sure they are licensed and legitimate. Take your chance to clarify the rates, prices, product varieties, additional fees, advantages, and disadvantages. Additionally, everything else you need to know about that you are unclear about or are not available online.

Choose the best option

And now that you have narrowed down your options, it’s time to choose what works best for you and your family. Look for an efficient online memorial service during these trying times. This is why Golden Haven Memorial Parks offers much ease to your memorial lot buying for your convenience. Whether you’re a first-time virtual memorial lot buyer or not, do not be afraid to know and learn through your options. And we, at Golden Haven, are trying to fulfill our mission of being dedicated to building a garden that brings healing and hope to the living through natural beauty, peace and solitude, while also guaranteeing its perpetual care far into the future with reverence, dignity, and honor to the departed.

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Buying memorial lots online will be hard, but given the pressure, it is most important to take your time because dealing with funerals and deaths is a really emotional and sensitive state to be in, whether it may be for your family’s preparation or someone you love has already passed away. Just remember to take one step at a time and consider the tips that will help you put things and yourself at ease.

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